Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Re. Sex Offender Issue... Tracking... Communications with Leg. Donaldson... Let's Get a Grip... Seeking Community Feedback

These first two videos are outdated - but pertinent. My response to an email from D. Donaldson follows... The last video is updated and very pertinent! Check this out (please) and let me know (if you would...) what YOU think!

"http://www.witntv.com/home/... They're convicted of rape, sex offenses with kids, and other sex crimes, and they're likely living in your neighborhood. North Carolina's Sex Offender and Public Pr...

["Tracking Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood - WITN"; as posted by witntv on 11/30/07; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwjePWsbcUA]

"Sean discusses his plan to more effectively track sex offenders...

["Tracking Sex Offenders"; as submitted to You Tube by MaloneyForAG on 9/10/06; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15FZZGSS8g4]


Passing This... [My response to an email I received TODAY (3/3/09) from .. donaldson... RE: "Registered Sex Offender Legislation - As Posted on my Blog and to all KC Ward Groups" (Copy of email... on file)]


"Mr. Donaldson,

Since I haven't added anything new on this - I was surprised to receive the Following (?)

But, since you brought it up again, would you kindly name some of these experts and their reports - with sources acknowledged so that I can look them up?

Because I simply don't believe this is the case...

And even if it is - I find the information to be irrelevant if the parole Department, probation department, police, etc. are sincerely - in this area - doing their jobs.

My son has one of those Blackberry type of phones - and he actually has a program on it that can SHOW him - from ANOTHER COUNTY - whether or not my car is SITTING IN MY DRIVEWAY!

So no one is going to tell me that they can't "keep track" of convicted sex offenders! I am just NOT going to buy it!

That said, you are absolutely right about the need to (age appropriately) educate our children on this topic - and it would be great to see more programs to this effect in the City and County, as well!

So, if you have any ideas in that regard, please pass them on...

As well as the references - re these "experts" - you are talking about.

Thank you very much for communicating with me around this very difficult subject. I apologize if I sound overly concerned... But...


I will not post your letter to me on the Ward communications. However, I am going to note that you have been in touch - and I am going to post my response.

Please stay on top of this issue. Too many young lives have been damaged by sexual predators. And we should (as a City, County, State, Nation...) be making every possible effort to protect children from this traumatic (sometimes even deadly) experience.

Thank You,

Nancy Smith, Ward 5, Kingston"

NOTE: If any one of us can apparently be "tracked" (see video below) - I think we could sure as "heck" track the people that should (in MY opinion) be tracked!


"http://www.trackingtheworld... Track anyone, anywhere, anytime. Dependable & Accurate GPS Tracking Products. Tracking the world GPS tracking system and custom Tr Track anyone, anywhere, anytime. De...

["GPS Tracking"; as submitted by raksac408 on
1/29/08; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32ftXrhV4-o]

No more excuses, eh?

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane (and I do mean humane!) Justice,


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