Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barack Obama... Michelle Obama... "Wanda Sykes... White House Correspondents Dinner"... "Celebrate You"... You Tube Videos

["Corbin Bleu - Celebrate You - Official Music Video"; as submitted to You Tube by hollywoodrecords
on February 06, 2009;]

["Wanda Sykes... at White House Correspondents' Dinner Part 1"; as submitted to You Tube by firedoglake on May 09, 2009;]

["{Part 2} Wanda Sykes @ White House Correspondents Dinner"; as submitted by NewsPoliticsNews on
May 09, 2009;]


Anonymous said...

Wanda and her comments about Rush were on the news all day and night. More than a little rough but it was still refreshing to hear his own acid come back to bite him in the ass. Hope she stays around and responds to him regularly. Maybe even get her own radio show. This is a guy who could use looking in the mirror...smitty

N.S. said...

Dark stark humor - based in nuggets of simple truths - certainly has its place in life. I thought the shows were great!