Saturday, July 18, 2009

Freewrite... Dealing with Reality... Some Construtive Ideas to Bounce Around... Input Appreciated

I've done some removals and revisions here - hoping the personal messages got through to the parties intended - and zapping the Les Miserables You Tube clip, which was - frankly - just too depressing [Is the local photo (ahem) better?]

So - what do I want to say? What topic to address - now?

Businesses have been and are moving out of Kingston.

People have been and are moving out of Kingston...

Taxes, health care costs, a lack of employment possibilities and such are leading to increased land and/or property losses [or "in lieu of" (a last ditch chance being kindly granted to some by the City Council) financial agreements...]

The crime rate (violent crime index) is rising (if tales be true) pretty radically around here....

I visit other blogs where it is obvious that at least some people (perhaps a great number of people) have lost most or all of their faith in the local government...

I build or buy a fence?

Get myself a pit bull or a Rottweiler?

Hole up in my house like the folks (I vaguely remember seeing this film...) in "Escape from New York"?

Still depressing, isn't it?

But, what is even more depressing to me?

The people that are pretending none of this is happening - the folks that are in denial that this is happening - and the folks that are (on a regular consistent basis...) taking a defeatist - "nothing can be done" - attitude.

What is next?

The fence is now pretty much a must.

The dog is probably (though not likely to be one of the above breeds) pending...

And - other than that -

I truly wish people would make use of this blog - as been offered - to post their Ward - or Citywide - or nationwide concerns and ideas - along with (yes, yes, yes!) some constructive [How do we get out of this mess?] ideas!

But find myself, thus far, "whistling in the wind..."



Perhaps none of us should vote in upcoming elections without a written agreement [We could petition / put this on the ballot...] from each and every party that is running for office - ANY OFFICE - that commits them to holding (no excuses) a 3 hour community meeting - with transparency documents (relevant to their position / function) available at said meeting (s) - along with at least an hour of a question and answer period)...

With all of this to be covered - in full - on video - and made accessible to the public via Channel 20; Channel 23; the Internet (whether it be via newscasts, writers or bloggers) - the local papers (a little truth boost?] - and maybe even the Associated Press and one (or more) of the national (What a hoot that would be, with the local politicians knowing that Andrew Cuomo, Eric Holder, President Obama or someone in association with such offices "might" be watching...) stations (like CNN or MSNBC)... once a month [12 such meetings; one on one with EACH official - at the Ward, Mayor and UC Legislative Level]


It might be a start...

And one could certainly write in (on this petition / to go on the ballot and be voted upon by the people...) that these public meetings (a minimum of 12 per year at no charge - fully accessible to the public) are a TOP PRIORITY for anyone that runs on a platform where they claim that they intend to "serve the people" - and that missing any of these meetings (dates could be rescheduled in the event of an emergency) would mean (no jokey, jokies here...) getting (immediate replacement...) "the boot."

Defeatism - including my own bouts - has got to (as best we can accomplish this) GO...

Learned Helplessness - including my own - has got to (as best we can accomplish this) GO...

Denial - including my own (still alive and well in some areas) - has got to (as best we can accomplish this) GO...

Unless we want this whole city (the potential seems to be there...) to look like the places depicted in the photographs (These are from one of my treks around the City of Kingston and the Town of Ulster - and there are plenty more where these came from...) above and below.

Truth, Love, Peace, Equality and Humane Justice,



Anonymous said...

I love that they are doing a candidate evening in Ward 9. It is so important for the voters to hear what the local representatives envision for their districts. Do you think that something similar could be planned for the 5th Ward? As a candidate it would not be right for me to organize it, but i sure would like to participate!
I also wanted to share that your idea for a regularly scheduled public meeting with elected officials and candidates would be helpful. 8 Years ago when i lived in Ithaca, the County Leg and City Council candidates hosted a regular meeting in the district to share with the voters key agenda items and solicit input. More people turned out than a regular council meeting because it was more casual and structured around a true dialog as opposed to a collection of random "public comments."
Jen Fuentes

N. S. said...

Thank you Jen. Good idea and feedback! Anyone else in Ward 5 want to jump in and/or comment on this?