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Telling it LIKE IT IS.... Response to Anon... "So Be It"

In Response to: "we want to know what you are doing to make this city a better place to live. Why are you selling copper? Do you have a job? KPA is not a job. You seem to want want want, but we need taxpayers that are working who are spending money in the city rather then complain, and take from the system" (Anonymous; 8/20/09;

Frankly, I have about (as far as this City goes) had it.

"What am I doing to make this city a better place to live?"

I'm attempting to remind people of their CIVIL RIGHTS - inform people as to what is going on in various areas - be a voice for the voiceless - and fend off the depression that is always nibbling at my toes.

"Why [am] I selling copper?" Why not? It was in OUR basement!

"Do [I] have a job?

I had two main jobs here in Kingston.

1. At the Mental Health Association (MHA) - at the Tuytenbridge Road residence - where - after a resident told me he "would see me burn in hell" - and then, physically threatened ME with a rather large hunting style knife - the bosses (at that time) saw fit --- whilst attempting to patronize me --- to take him out for ice cream to make him feel better...

This resident was also terrorizing me at other points; as well as other members of the staff and the rest of the (perhaps this is the saddest part, as these folks really need a SAFE place...) clients...

Whilst one of the staff members (at the time; I believe he was "quietly 'let go'") on the night shift was sharing pornography movies with the younger male residents [these were Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted (MiCA) Residents)] - and that was another situation I could not (We, the staff, were told to keep our mouths shut) stomach.

I turned the organization into the Board of Health and [in a state of flaring PTSD... and in true fear (in regard to this one client) for my life] quit.

2. At the YWCA of Ulster County, where I did such a great job as a Teen Parent Case Manager that I was promoted to the position of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Services (APPS) Coordinator.

I also excelled in that position - helping to set up - coordinate and help facilitate the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program throughout the County...

Until 9/11 - combined with other issues (my husband had to have radical surgery for cancer) - led me to another PTSD crash (so to speak) - and I found that the YWCA [the person then and now serving as the CEO) would not work (via making accommodations) with me [although they were informed of my disability issue - and I had worked my way off disability (How many people even TRY to do that?????) at their organization.]

Things fell apart. I fell apart. Depression practically bit off my toes... [I LOVED THOSE KIDS!] I turned in my resignation. Then they fired me (one of their top performers, based on all the reviews I have on hand...).

Want more?

I wrote three books in 2007 (not exactly "not working") - and had my copyright (from what I can determine online) stolen. [9/5/09: This has been updated, since I finally did just receive - approximately two years later - my first (albeit small) royalty check...]


Yeah. I get that way sometimes.

This is all after a great deal of earlier life trauma... some of which you can read about in this months Mid-Hudson Valley League of Women Voter's "Commentator - should you so choose!

"KPA is not a job."

THAT is for dam* sure.

KAPA is a public access station that SHOULD BE (from what I understand) an ENTITLEMENT to EVERYONE (paid in full by Time Warner and the City of Kingston through a percentage of the franchise fees that you see on your cable bills every month!) in the viewing area.

AS IS - perhaps both of those entities should be sued for exploiting funds and the damage they have done to the people that have put both heart and soul (not to mention hours and hours and hours of stress and sweat) into TRYING to get their RIGHTS (at a very high personal, physical and mental price --- in at least some instances) reinstated.

"You seem to want want want, but we need taxpayers that are working who are spending money in the city rather then complain, and take from the system..."

What I need or want is your business only if you choose to make it so [As is true in regard to the rest of your questions!] But FYI, I am amongst the taxpayers of the City of Kingston - as I presume you are; I do have an "decent" (compared to many folks out there) income [a benefit not a handout]; I do generally spend my money in the City of Kingston and/or Town of Ulster [which feels SAFER - IS SAFER (according to the stats I've read) than the City of Kingston!]; and I do engage in a significant (this ain't exactly "whistling Dixie") amount of volunteer work.

Want to really solve your tax problems?

Start taxing the non-profits and religious organizations [Above are just a few (and I do mean a few / we are talking millions of dollars of prime property, off the tax roles in a City that sure can NOT afford it!) photos and stats that I collected earlier...] in this City!

Stop pointing fingers at KAPA - which the City of Kingston - to MY understanding - is LEGALLY obligated to provide.

And consider just what it takes for a person [Sorry, am I supposed to grovel at your knees?] such as me (THIS HAS BEEN NO FKING JOY RIDE BABY!) --- to SAY ALL OF THAT!

Truth, Love, PEACE, EQUALITY, HOPE and Humane Justice...

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Have a nice night,

Nancy Sue Smith


Anonymous said...

BTW, the photos were taken around Feb / March of 2009 - and "this" woman that does "nothing for this City" spent hours at City Hall going over the relevant tax exemption (focusing on religious tax exempt properties only, as to do otherwise would have been a truly mindboggling enterprise...) books --- and hours and hours and DAYS and DAYS sorting out [only minimally represented here] the figutes...


N. S. said...

Excuse me, that should be "figures."


Anonymous said...


When it says link to another site it really means it! Sorry if I made an error...? Linking to another site - at least through e-blogger - is an option that bloggers are (I've hardly ever utilized this feature) presented with when preparing a post...

Ah well, I guess it was meant to be.


Anonymous said...

All your comments and efforts only make me feel more LOVE in my heart for all that you do and say. I have never felt such a connection to someone to the point where i haven't sent a response to you in weeks yet the time lapse matters not since the sentiment that you generate in me is enormous and timeless. The crap you put up with at the residence is so totally unacceptable on so many levels that my head is still spinning. The jerk who was showing porno movies hopefully was not using that as an entree to more most inappropriate behavior in the sleeping areas.
Nancy I'm sending out loving thoughts of peace and the pursuit of it which will bring happiness to you when you need it most, honey. I am going to look into this because I serve on a board that is directly involved with this type of situation.

Anonymous said...


You omitted the "r" in journalism in your bio thingy for what it's worth....

N. S. said...

Anon 3:37 AM,

Thank you. I don't have all the copies of related documents in front of me, but I do have them in storage.

The MHA issue is probably way past (This was my first employment attempt, related to my field of study, whilst in college) any statute of limitations - but if similar policies are still in place [and a talk I had with my former supervisor (who loved me, by the way; and was in the same situation that I was...) recently suggests that they are] - someone should sure (for the sake of the clients and staff) look into it.

Email me if you like and I'll supply the details that I can - including this former supervisor's name, copies of related documents and some testimonials from others.

As far as the situation at the YWCA? There was more to that story, as well; but when all is said and done (The way my job there ended wounded me to the core...) --- I would still state that the YWCA does (or did at that time) a spectacular service (actually a range of services) for the County --- and there are a lot of people there that I respect tremendously.

Please note too [I'm not delving any deeper into anymore City / Time Warner / KAPA issues right now --- or into (at this time) the book issue any further...] that at the same time that the MHA thing was occurring I was dealing with a serious trauma situation that involved my (one in particular) children; and again, esculated my own PTSD.

And the reverberations of THAT situation [REAL BAD] are being felt and lived out to THIS VERY DAY...

In conjunction with the latter, another thing I "helped to do" for the City of Kingston [It would never have happened without my tendency to document everything - and without calling up every oounce of courage I had at that time...] is take a serial pedophile [Manson-like, and I have copies of documents (To CPS) from another victims (the circumstances varied) mother that states JUST THAT!] multiple victims) OFF THE STREETS [The regular newspapers didn't cover even one/tenth of the full (What a nightmare!) story...] for four years [He (pre-Meagans Law) went to prison and served his full term, which is highly unusual --- with the Parole Board (by phooe) informing me that he was still considered a threat, but that they had to release him...]

All of that said, I still never know whether an anon commenter is a friend, "frenemy" or foe - mocking me - or posting in earnest?

Which means that I have to have real names and contact information in order to deal [If you are legit and want more detailed information regarding any or all of the above...] with folks on this level [which I AM certainly willing (and hopefully "able") to do.

Bottom line? Sometimes volunteer work is all that one is able TO do --- and sometimes volunteer "service" (which comes in many forms) is (as in the last example I provided, which struck home - but had its toxic tendrils deeply rooted in this community...) PRICELESS.

N. S. said...

Anon 3:42 PM -

Thank You. I corrected the error.

Anonymous said...

To my email responder: Thank You. NS