Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cancellation of Meet the Candidates Mixer / Fundraiser... Cancellation of KAPA Mixer / Fundraiser... Cancellation of Formal Debates....

Public Notice:

I am cancelling the KAPA Mixer and Fundraiser, as well as the Meet the
Candidates Mixer and Fundraiser due to lack of community participation and the
degree of BS (being point blank) and undeserved and unwarranted stress [this is
the follow up to tonight's KAPA meeting] involved.

I have tried very hard to be an activist, with the best interests of KAPA and the City of Kingston at heart, and it has been a detriment to my mental health, my relationships, my ability to trust and my physical health.

My decision.

My problem.


Don't anticipate any problems from me. But don't anticipate that I will be played for anyones fool (including my own) any longer either.

I am also cancelling my part in the Formal Debates for Ward Five and U.C. Leg District 6 - although if someone else wants to pick this aspect up - be there - moderate - lock up - you are welcome to [the date is set and the candidates are on board, so I will not cancel this immediately].

Best regards to those of you that really care, and also have the best interests of KAPA and/or the City of Kingston at heart.

I wish you the best.

No monies have been received in regard to either event, and if any are they will be returned (thank you; sorry) to the sender.

Post Script: Bob Smith resigned (via email) as KAPA Commissioner last night (a follow up formal letter will be in the mail today) --- as well. So the position (good luck) is open.

Nancy Smith

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