Friday, October 16, 2009

Solar Energy... Any Local Stories... You Tube Videos

I'm just trying to learn more about this topic - and there are plenty of other videos up on You Tube about it (if you are interested) as well. This isn't meant to be a sales pitch. It is more of a "wow - look what is going on 'out there'"!

I'm also wondering what local folks - those who have been able to invest in solar energy of some sort - have to say about the cost and/or outcomes...

I would love, should I get the chance, to try this out via a relatively small solar (I really caught the garden 'bug') greenhouse.

["Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal"; as submitted to You Tube by JCSSeadog on March 22, 2008;]

["Solar Energy Basics for Your Home"; as submitted to You Tube by rethinksolarpower on November 10, 2007;]

["Repower America with Solar Energy"; as submitted to You Tube by WeCanSolveIt on February 27, 2009;]

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback?

How do we best harness this - in the most effective way - here in the NorthEast?

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