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Kingston City Council Notes from Nov 10 2009 - Unofficial Rendition - Concerned Citzen... You Tube Video... State Senator John Bonacic

[Kingston City Hall; Fall 2009; Photo by NS]

At Tuesdays Kingston City Council Meeting [9/10/09] all of the City Council members were present.

There was a much smaller citizen turnout at the Common Council Meeting than there was for the Public Hearing [9/5/09] on the Mayors proposed 2010 budget; but that topic (as reflected below) was still very much on the minds of the people that spoke during the open speaking session; and there was a representative present (with a special microphone set up) from the Mid-Hudson News Network.

I believe six people spoke during the open speaking session, including [These are not in the order in which they made their presentations]:

1. Jessica Oakley: Against any cuts in the Recreation Department

2. Steve Peruso: Against any cuts in the Recreation Department

3. J. Richter (s?):

a. Made a complaint about garbage piling up on certain City streets.

b. Asked that the DPW, Building Inspectors and Police enforce the codes already on the books - inclusive of recycling codes (and/or laws?).

c. Suggested that all of the City employees take a day off [a furlough] annually, in order to save money [across the board] - and possibly eliminate the need for any layoffs or cuts. [Council President / Alderman-at-Large James Noble Jr. stated that such a program was already in place.]

4. Robert Smith:

a. Stated that he was in favor of all the Mayors proposed Budget cuts for 2010. [So far Robert Smith, my husband, is the only person I have heard state this.]

b. Stated that he "hoped that the philosophy of common sense would prevail over the school of special interests, and that the science of mathematics would supersede astrology and crystal ball reading."

c. Stated that he "knew the Council members could do [their] job" --- and thanked them in advance.

5. MaryAnne Parker:

a. Spoke against cuts in the Recreation Department (in regard to serving youth and senior citizens).

b. Suggested the Council take a look at "consultants costs."

c. Suggested the Council take a look at the "tipping fees" and the garbage p/u issue.

d. Suggested the Council take a look at the not-for-profit sector, as a number of not-for-profits "are generating income." [Ms. Parker noted that State Senator John Bonacic (R/I/C; Mt. Hope) [I believe this is who she was referring to, and I am looking into the issue] attempted to get a bill - regarding not-for-profits - passed in the Senate; and that she keeps calling the state to request that the State review all not-for-profits.]

e. Stated that if any layoffs are necessary they should be across the board and not target any specific departments.

f. Asked that the Council not "stereotype" the people living in the Mid-town area / stated that a "lot of good people" live there.

g. Stated that the senior citizens that she has spoken with appreciated the Recreation Department services provided to them - but also stated that these services and/or events will not be of any use to them (senior citizens) if they are afraid (a police retention / safety issue) to attend.

h. Stated that one way to save money [2010] is to turn the streets Christmas decorations off shortly after Christmas - rather than keeping them on until Feb (or March?) like we currently do.

i. Asked that the Council consider "safety first."

j. Stated that the Police Department ["first"]; Fire Department and Department of Public Works (DPW) are necessary - and that she was against all proposed layoffs and/or cuts in those areas.

k. Asked to Council to take a look at ways to "generate income from within."

6. Nancy Smith (NS/Blog Administrator):

a. I stated that I would like to see the Mayor at the Council meetings and Public Hearings - and noted that if such a policy [requirement? law?] could be put in place that I would like to know (as a citizen requesting feedback) how one would go about following up on this.

b. I suggested that City Council Meetings and the monthly Legislative Meetings be held on different nights so that Councilmen could attend the monthly Legislative meetings and vice versa. This would allow for more knowledge / communication across the City and County bodies; and also allow citizens, should they so choose, to attend both City Council and monthly Legislative meetings. [I also expressed - in respect to this - that I had appreciated hearing U.C. Legislature Frank Dart speak at the Public Hearing.]

c. I suggested that we [the City Council and concerned Citizens] give the same scrutiny to the not-for-profit sector [compromising a large percentage of tax-exempt holdings and properties...] in the City of Kingston that we are giving to the Mayors proposed 2010 Budget, the KPD, the Fire Department, the Recreation Department, etc. ]

I noted that I had received an email in support of this idea from another Kingston resident; and know of others that support the idea, as well.

There "may" be properties currently off the tax roles [religious and non; homestead and non-homestead] that do not belong there and could be placed back on the tax roles - which would probably not constitute a "quick fix" - but might serve as a possible 2010 mid-year (or so...) "save".

I suggested that a committee be pulled together to look at this issue - and recommended [I think I said most of this; if not, I had planned to say it (and I am saying it now...)] that Council President and Alderman-at-Large James Noble Jr., Alderman Mike Madsen [soon to move on to the UC Leg.]; the City Comptroller; a member of the Police Department [A detective?)]; and two or three (Or more?) concerned citizens [I volunteered my services and MaryAnne Parker seems quite knowledgeable...] sit on this committee. [This committee should not involve anyone currently managing, working for, serving on the Board of (or serving in any other capacity) of a (Religious or non) not-for-profit]

d. I volunteered to put together a list [I am working on this] of suggestions and ideas from K.C. Citizens / concerned parties regarding the Mayors Proposed 2010 Budget - and forward this list to Council President / Alderman-at-Large James Noble Jr. and the rest of the Kingston City Council. [As noted in the thread below, please feel free to post your ideas here and/or email them to me at (I will also be keeping an eye on communications; talking to folks; etc.)]


Other than that, all of the Resolutions were passed except for Resolution #197 ("pulled" and "sent back to committee") [Alderman Landi, Alderman Senor and Alderman-at-Large Noble spoke on this] and Resolution #206 ("pulled") [Alderman Hoffay noted that this was notated as "pulled" on the Agenda].

The majority of resolutions #192-#196; #198-#205; and #206-#213 were passed with a Yes vote of 9/0. [For more information on "Claims"; "Communications"; the "First Reading of Local Laws"; "General Bills" and the specific Resolutions [by Committee] --- please see the "Tentative List of Legislation"; "City of Kingston Common Council 11/10/09 Agenda" (A copy should be available at the Kingston City Clerk's Office / City Hall).



Nov. 10, 2009 Kingston City Common Council Meeting
Meeting Agenda [As noted above]
Personal Notes


If any errors are noted, please let me know and I will make the appropriate corrections.

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The following video is a bit outdated [April 2009] - and some of the associated stats may well be [especially poverty-related stats] outdated. However, this is the You Tube video I came up with - and decided to post - regarding Senator Bonacic.

I neither approve or disapprove of what is said / presented in this video. It is simply an extension of my personal research / learning process.

["Senator Bonacic Poo Poos Rules Reform"; as provided to You Tube by NewYorkBlueToob on April 21,

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