Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mary Ann Parker - "County Containment Dumping Ground" [CCDG] - Dec 2009 Planning Board Meeting - Save US Now...

Mary Ann Parker with Anchor and Logo Sign / Poster
"CCDG" Stands for "County Containment Dumping Ground"
Mary Ann Parker and a Number of Others are Opposed to the
"Save Them Now" Variance [Midtown Locaation] Request
Photo By NS

Mary Ann Parker with Posters / Signs / Logos
Photo by NS

Mary Ann Parker's Anchor and Logo
"CCDG" Stands for "County Containment Dumping Ground"

Photo by NS

See Below - December 15th, 2009 Posting - "Citizen/Blogger Notes on City of Kingston Planning..." - for an Extensive Writeup - Covering the Open Speaker Session of the Meeting Only - on This Topic / Issue. 

Feel Free to Comment Here and/or See the Specific (Temporary) Blog Link on This Issue in the Sidebar >

A Petition to Oppose the "Save Them Now" Variance Request Has Been Circulating Around the MidTown Area.  See Noted Post for More Information. 

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