Friday, April 9, 2010

Link - Organizing for America "Benefits of Reform" - New York State - Video - Blog Update

Photo by BF / Utilized With Permission

Organizing for America Benefits of Reform:


I'm struggling to learn new software programs and [at the same time] receiving plant, shrub, tree, etc orders [these have to be dealt with pretty much immediately] on a daily basis... 

So it might be a while before I get the latest videos that I have [Chips'NDips show at the Lion's  Club Expo / April City Council Meeting...] on site.


As far as the latest City Council Meeting notes...

I think that would be redundant [the meeting has been covered pretty extensively by the local papers, city bloggers and citizen-based websites, etc!] at this point...

Except for the citizen commentary that was made at the Council meeting - out of which MaryAnne Parker's comments (for the most part) stood out (I spoke on a similar topic.) for me.


Generally speaking, if I have a "beef" (mad cow disease?) - it has to do with citizen safety, the state of the local economy and the type (in some instances) and quality (ditto) of the services [which we appear to be providing to a whole lot of people --- including quite a few that are some other town or counties fiscal responsibility (???) --- at the expense of Kingston City taxpayers] .


Photo by BF / Utilized with Permission

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