Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Rare video JFK 1960 Speech at the Houston Ministers"... Revising History... Orwell's "1984"... FFRF Action Alert... Facebook Petition... Other Videos, Information and Links on Topic

["Rare video JFK 1960 Speech at the Houston Ministers"; ]

What do you think Abraham Lincoln or JFK would think about this?  What do "you" think about this? 
[I consider myself a Christian, in the "best sense" of the word, and I find this [Distorting facts (George Orwell's "1984" anyone?)] atrotious!

["YouTube - a Christian land governed by Christian principles";! ]

["What John F. Kennedy Would Say To George Bush"; You Tube; ]

["Bill Maher-Revisionist History"; You Tube;]

["1984 George Orwell Movie Trailer (1984)"; You Tube; ]

Pertinent Links:

"TalkeRR - Texas Text Books"; Road Runner;

"Freethought of the Day JfKennedy Quote";

"Action Alerts - News"; "Freedom From Religion Foundation" [Or, as reworded by me: "Freedom from historical distortion and religious tyranny..."];

Snippet from the "Cuéntame Texas Textbooks - Petition Facebook"; ]:

"Keep Personal Partisan Agendas Out of Our Schools...  Tell textbook companies - 'I urge you not to produce textbooks based on the Texas Board of Education's curriculum standards until Texas politicians stop dragging children into the culture wars. Educational standards should be based on sound scholarship and expertise, not personal partisan political agendas....'" ["Cuéntame Texas Textbooks - Petition Facebook";  ]

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