Friday, June 25, 2010

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Click, click, click...  [Local Sites / Activist Sites]

"Facebook Community Safety Walk Deux":

"Facebook Kingston Digital Corridor":

"Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter":

"Women's Health Matters Facebook":

"Coffee Party - National Vote on Money in Politics":

"ReelFacts Productions":

"Clear Stream Media":

"FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Oxymoron Murdoch Media Ethics":

"ActBlue — Help bold progressives crusade against corporations and win in 2010":  


Click, Click, Click [George W. Bush Jr. / Jeb Bush... / Thinking Ahead...]

["Headzup: Jeb Bush For President":  You Tube; ]

"President Jeb Bush – Orlando Opinionators – Orlando Sentinel":

"Jeb Bush On the Move coonsey's Blog":

"HuffPost TV Roy Sekoff On 'Ed Show' Slams Jeb Bush For Slamming Obama For Slamming His Brother (VIDEO)":

"Siblings stick together Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells President Obama not to bully brother":

"For Jeb Bush, Life Out of Office, Defending Family Name":

"Jeb Bush in 2012 - Political Hotsheet - CBS News":

"Jeb Bush Biography from":

"Jeb Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia":


I haven't checked all of these sites out in any depth yet, so if you find anything [other than my general leanings...] that is offensive, please let me know.

Please note that I do not endorse or oppose any advertizements or comments that might pop up on You Tube videos.

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