Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Dogville" Movie Promo and Snippets - You Tube - Graphic Content - Adults Only

["Dogville Trailer"; You Tube Video; ]

Note:  This movie has actually been out for a long time now - but may be hard to locate.  If interested, my best guess is to try an internet search or a library.

["Gathering - Dogville"; You Tube Video; ]

This movie gets off to a very slow start - and it is entirely different than the majority of movies I have seen in my lifetime...

Still - traumatic as the movie is [and for me it was very...] I think every adult should see it and think about the implications. 

This world will not - in my opinion - change for the better - until we hold perpetrators - at all levels - accountable [penal system wise; financially; etc.] for their actions.

I also believe every fine collected for an offense perpetrated against humanity, be it targeting one person or a nation - should be put into a victims [and their families] legal fund. 

Why should low income perps get free legal counsel - and thier victims have to [this, if they even can...] pay full pop for legal representation?

This movie is a powerful thought-provoker.  It is also heartrending enough that it made me physically sick.

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