Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Light in the Darkness... Serious Business... Some Issues to Ponder...

I don't know how or why an NPR broadcast [ ] that I listened to a while back is coming on automatically when one logs in... [or how long this will last] but I'm going to leave it that way [at least until I can figure out how to correct it...] for right now.  It is an interesting [The music can be turned off in the sidebar.] "touch."

I have stayed away - at least in regard to this blog - from the political scene for a while...  but the world continues to turn...  and there is (as per usual) a lot of good...  and a lot of "not so..." going on.

I've made no secret of the fact that one of the big mistakes (in my opinion) that President Obama has made is the continuation of the Office of Faith Based Initiatives (renamed, at this point, I believe) - and the continued funding  - via that office - of whatever religious initiatives [I haven't researched this, of late...] that office [which, at this point, if I understand it right, also oversees other forms of community initiatives] sees fit...

I personally consider this a violation of "Separation of Church and State" - and as another reason [other than rampant corporate corruption and such] that our nation is going "down the tubes..."

Be that what it may... there are other issues weighing BIG on my mind today... having to do with the following articles:

"'Vatican defends revised abuse rules' - Road Runner":

"'Vatican Revises Abuse Process, but Causes Stir' -":

"'Vatican to court Priests are not our staff' - Europe-":

"'News Women Priests as Bad As Pesophiles' FFRF":

"[E]xclusive Religious group calls out Glenn Beck’s ‘warped gospel’, launches ad campaign Raw Story":

"Sharron Angle Would Legislate Biblical Law":

"'Prison sex party for teen killers alarms state' - The Daily Freeman News Serving the Hudson Valley since 1871(":

"Investigation confirms sex party for murderers at Goshen Secure Youth Facility":

The Ordination of women as Catholic Priests would be as "bad" as pedophilia ?????  [THINK ABOUT IT!]

Catholics Priests aren't "employed" [Are they slaves?] by the Vatican?  [Who indoctrinates them into the faith?  Who sends them to school?  Who sends them on "missions"?  Who sends them to different parishes?  Who provides their food and shelter?  Who provides their transportation?  Who (ahem) has been known to cover up their crimes....?]

Is the Office of Children and Family Services [Do I have this right?] in the habit [Should other such places (i.e., this atrocity in Goshen...) be investigated accordingly?] of supplying teenage girls and women [whether hookers or no] to convicted felons, murderers, etc?  [Just how far HAS our society degenerated?????]

With the Pat Robertsons, Glen Becks, Sharron Angles and similar evangelists (Appropriate word?) "out there" - and the Vatican equating the ordination of women priests with pedophilia --- it would seem that some basic human rights education --- and advocacy --- from the atheist, agnostic and more balanced spiritual and religious folks (irregardless of religious leanings) would be a breath of fresh air!

Check out the articles...

Do some research...

Check out the "Lady Blogga" [He or she provides a lot of information that I sometimes agree with and sometimes do not...] link in the sidebar...


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