Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank You Alderman Jen Fuentes... Neighborhood Party

Alderman Jen Fuentes Neighborhood Party Flyer
Updates [It keeps getting better and better...] Pending
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I would like to thank Alderman Jen Fuentes for all of the work she is putting into her position on behalf of the people in Ward 5.  She has been active in the Kingston Citizens online group.  She has been involved with the Kingston Neighborhood Watch.  She has held Ward 5 meetings on a regular basis at City Hall.  She has been responsive to any issues I have brought to her, which seems to be the case with other folks in the ward, as well...  And she even goes outside the Ward to participate in advocacy, activities and such.  Alderman Fuentes has gained my respect across the board; and I hope folks in Ward 5 show up for the upcoming Neighborhood Party in recognition of (at least in part) Alderman Fuentes --- who has personally done the fundraising and organizing for this event] --- honorable [and I don't use that word lightly...] efforts! 

Stock Photo of Flowers at City Hall [NS]
Thank You Alderman Fuentes!

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