Monday, August 9, 2010

Pics, Thoughts, Thank Yous and Personal Reflections Re the Last KNY City Council Meeting

For those that are perhaps wondering - I did attend the last City of Kingston Council Meeting - I did take a bunch of photos - I did speak during the open session - and I did take notes...

I simply haven't been up to writing a comprehensive report - like I sometimes do - and much has been covered anyhow, in other ways and other places.

I was glad to see a number of people turn out to voice thier support for a comprehensive plan (vote and grant dependent / vote passed...) for the City of Kingston. 

I was happy to hear a number of people speak with significant respect about the works of the still relatively new Ward 9 Alderman, Hayes Clement.

I was happy to be able to speak favorably about Ward Five's still relatively new Ward 5
Alderman Jen Fuentes.

I was happy to read parts of - and pass on a letter from Jeanne  Edwards (Ward 4) - that was written from the heart of Kingston to the heart of Kingston.

For, all in all, I appear to be a person that pretty much liked (past tense) --- and continues to like (present tense) --- most of our representatives on the Common Council. 

Which I guess is somewhat (lol) unusual...

As this includes (I seem to be leaning towards the Working Families Party and the Democratic Party...) a couple of Republican Council representatives [Alderman Turco-Levin (also relatively new) and Alderman Ron Pollaco (sp?), in particular] --- as well.

Maybe a "comprehensive plan" (if the funding is secured) for the City of Kingson will help us get
stronger "at the broken places..." [the latter part is from the title of a book]

One can hope.

Thank you to those that showed up to speak.

Thank you, Jeanne, for permission to read and submit your letter.

Thank you, KNY Council Members for "hanging in there" and/or "jumping in there" during some very difficult socio-eonomic times...

I might be viewed as one of the "resident nuts" for all I know...

But hey - the world - minus a few "nuts" - would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?

I wasn't raised in a "box."  I don't live in a "box."  I couldn't breathe in a "box."  I don't "think in a 'box.'"

Thank goodness!

[Oh yeah, a second Thank You to Alderman Clement for turning around to face the attendees!  This has been requested (although I'm not sure this request was put forth formally?) - in the past - by a man with a hearing impairment - and it is sometimes difficult, even with reasonably good hearing, to make out all of what is being said at the podium or by (when they do speak) the Council members]


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