Thursday, October 28, 2010

Political views... Opinions... Food for thought

Photo of a Photo / NS / 2008

I have been backing off politics, big time - and practicing [much easier on my PTSD...] my photo, photoart and video skills. 

Still, it would be remiss for me, after trying so hard to learn about the political realm and participate [to the degree that I have been able] in same, not to say anything...

So here goes:

I believe all candidates for political office should have at least a Bachelors Degree.

I believe all candidates for political office should be given a battery of psychological tests, including tests designed to pinpoint tendencies towards egocentrism and sociopathy.

I believe "Separation of Church and State" is an absolute "must" and that religious views [and greenbacks (slip-sliding either way...)] should play absolutely no part in political debates, advertizements, etc.

I believe the cost of campaigning should be radically cut back and that lobbyists should only be able to plead thier cause (s) on paper that is NOT green [meaning, by written request only...].

I believe citizen funded elections [with about a $50 dollar cap per person] are the appropriate and ethical way to go - and that the popular vote [rather than the electoral vote] should be the dominant decider.

I believe term limits [4 years] should be put in place for all candidates at all levels.

Photo of an old "Jack and the Beanstalk" Children's Book Cover / NS

I believe any corporation that sends jobs overseas should be penalized [financially and heavily] for doing so.

I believe taxation is way out of line - and that the very wealthy - along with the corporate giants - should pay much higher taxes than those in the middle and working class.

I believe a LOT more financial resources [as gleaned from taxation] should be invested in the women (safety, empowerment, child care subsidies, education, "equal justice under the law", etc)  and the children (basic needs, child safety, education, etc.)  of our nation.

I believe that perpetrators of violent crimes against other human beings should be held fully accountable [serious sentences, no plea bargaining, no early release, etc.] for thier crimes.

I believe perpetrators of serious "white collar" crimes [those that involve thousands to millions of dollars...] should be treated the same!

I believe all institutions that deal with the housing and/or education of those that are in a vulnerable position or otherwise in need should do extensive background checks on thier employees [who should have a college degree in a related field] and thier clients [so that the most appropriate placements can be made.]

I believe we should minimize our interference in other nations and maximize our ability to defend ourselves here on the homefront.

Photo from 2009 UC Domestic Violence Awareness Event

I believe the greatest "weapon of mass destruction" is family violence, including domestic violence - child abuse - and child sexual abuse (which should be treated, by the legal system, no different than any comparible street crime...).

I believe that we should be concerned with what is happening on THIS continent - and that if you haven't seen the movie "Backyard" (about femicide in Mexico) - you should do so!

I believe that the Medicare program should be left alone - that the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan should be just ONE plan - not a smorgasboard of confusion - and I believe that Medicare recipients should be eligible though some means for free QUALITY dental care, hearing aids and vision care.

I believe the "Federal Poverty Line" should be adjusted upwards and brought into the 21st Century.

I believe that the mimimum wage should be replaced by a "living wage."

Photo / NS / 2008

I believe that our streets should be SAFE - and that the funding for the rehabilitation for violent offenders should be utilized (instead) --- to help the victims of crimes, the elderly and the (non-violent offenders...) "needy."

I believe "hate speech" should be recognized [and penalized] as such whether it comes from the mouth of a street kid, a gang member, a politician, a religious leader or televangelist.

I believe there should be set time limits [much shorter than whatever might be in place now...] for how long a debate [whether political or legal] is allowed to go on before a vote is called for.

I believe fingerprinting, psychological evaluations and lie detector tests - administered by qualified professionals that have NO stake in the results - should be a routine requirement for all of those seeking to enter into the political arena.

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