Thursday, December 9, 2010

Excerpts, Quotes and Poem ['Tick Tock'] From "Ode to the Wicker Man (Book I)" by Nancy Smith... Number Four of Four... Contains F Word... View at Own Discretion

["Ode to the Wicker Man Book I Excerpts From and Poems 004" (Number Four of Four) by Nancy Smith; as submitted to You Tube by gypsiechild (me) on December 9, 2010; ]

For those upset by the language, please know that I am exercising my right to "Freedom of Speech" --- and have just as much a right to do so as any comedian, singer, gansta' rap group or other individual and/or group out there.  This is a book and poetry uncensored, from the heart, real.  It is poetry - in my opinion - as it was meant to be.  Thus, the warning...  and no apologies.

I did make an error, though, that I should note, in refering to "PINK".  I don't know if she actually wrote the songs referred to - or was simply the one to perform the songs (?)

Plus, the song "Dear Mr. Prsident" - on the CD that I have ["Pink I'm Not Dead"; 2006; Laface Records LLC; 2876-80393-2] also features the "Indigo Girls".

I may come back to add to these comments later.  This is Four of Four, and I'm done for right now. 

May peace be with you (and with me, as well....).

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