Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rep Alan Grayson On Extension of Bush Tax Cuts for Millionaires... Robber Barons? Class Warfare? Unemployment Rates... Poverty in America... You Tube Videos

["Rep. Grayson on the Limbaugh/Beck/Palin Tax Cuts";  as submitted to You Tube by RepAlanGrayson; ]

["Rich [some...] Ask Obama To Raise Their Taxes"; MSNBC w/ Cenk; as submitted to You Tube by TYT; ]

["Lifeline"; as submitted to You Tube by AFCIONow; ]

["Poverty In America"; as submitted to You Tube by yourstory08; ]

Note:  I am White, American and Female and this last video strikes close to my heart.  The situations portrayed look a lot like the home that I grew up in --- and many of the homes around me - some belonging to extended family members.  This in Unpstate New York... 

Tell Me:  "When does Jesus Bring the Porkchops?" (George Carlin) to those that are truly in need????? 

Isn't it about [We are really in need of some activism on our own behalf!] time?

Pertinent Links: 

1. "Hinchey Votes for Middle Class Tax Cut Extension"; Dec 2, 2010:  AFL-CIO:  "Lifeline: Watch the Video and Write Congress": 

Quote from Above: "Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) today released the following statement endorsing an extension of tax relief for middle class families while allowing tax cuts for millionaires to partially expire in order to pay down the national debt and strengthen the economy..."

2. "U.S. Unemployment Rate Jumps To 9.8 Percent"; NPR:
More On This Issue Pending...

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