Thursday, January 13, 2011

HGV (Human Greed Virus)

Below is a video [part 1; part 2/3 is available on You Tube] of the most overt caste system - that I am aware of - on this planet.  However, one might ask how many less overt caste systems - invisible but potent - exist in other areas of the world - including (perhaps...) the United states of America?

What if there is something (HGV, or human greed virus..) [My own thought-creation...]  that is even worse (more comprehensive and begging for a cure...) than "human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)"?  

What if HGV (human greed virus) was ravaging our streets; crippling (physically and/or mentally; diminishing the potentialities of our fellow human beings; creating scapegoat after scapegoat...) and killing our children one after another after another?

What if the main component of human greed virus (HGV) came down to the physical and sexual abuse of economically disadvantaged children of both sexes - all races - and ethnic and/or religious groups?

What if the "powers that be" - at least some of them - knew that HGV had been set loose many, many, many [a century or more...] ago?

What if the "powers that be" - at least some of them - not only knew about HGV - but chose to (covertly and deceptively, but of course...)  FEED IT?

Sure, a first time abuser (physical / sexual) might not be identified by any signs - has no dot on his (or, much more rarely, her...) head.

But a second time abuser?  A third time abuser?  A fourth time abuser?

Human Greed Virus (HGV) and child physical and sexual abuse???  Where is the connection you ask?

When perps walk and kids can't talk...

When communities turn thier heads and seek only to "feed the beast..."

When history, both personal and political, becomes distorted by lies, cover-ups, collusion...

Listen closely:

You will hear a child scream.

How do known perps (child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, batterers, racists, etc.) get hired by child care centers, youth facilities, not-for-profits, religious organizations, schools, police agencies, political organizations, etc????? 

Why are they not checked out to the max via fingerprint checks, alcohol and drug use checks, complete background checks, lie detector tests, etc. prior to being allowed to work with our children and other vulnerable populations?

Should a former felon ever be hired by one of the agencies noted above?

My opinion is:  NO.  Absolutely NOT.

Because even if thier intentions are good, which might be the case - there is apparently something in thier history that just might come back to life...

In a land where ghosts walk, no one talks and greed is the fuel of collusion and cover-ups.

Human Greed Virus (HGV) existed in the early days of Upstate New York, big time - leading to events such as the Anti-Rent-War (Delaware County, NY) --- spreading its tendrils, like spiderwebs choking out any chance of truth, this way and that --- linking up, but of course, with the strands (oh so sticky...) that were likewise stretching out from other lands....

You may not be able to follow this thread right now...

It is raw.

It is new.

It is not completely thought out...

Just know, for now, that even though "hurt people [all too often] hurt people" --- it might be that the original wounds came from the top --- where folks generally look "squeaky clean" and innocent.

Laws (in my opinion; related to this topic) all too often seem devised to protect the guilty, rather than (as is so often claimed) the innocent.

Just "food for thought..."

I'll return to this topic (HGV) later.

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