Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Domestic Violence... Cults... Gangs... PTSD... Recipes for Disaster... Community Needs...

I've been needing to do some writing for a while - but can't find the time or the willingness to probe the darkness that is (for my topic) required. Thus, I put up the following videos, which I urge you to view at your own discretion. I do not know if factnet is a viable source anymore or not. Some cult awareness resources do get infiltrated and/or bought out by cults - and I haven't done that type of research (am not up to date) in quite some time.

Why did I pick these particular videos?

1. I've always had some degree of difficulty seeing where the line gets drawn between "cults" (per se) and "gangs".

2. Most youth and other folks that get involved in cults and/or gangs (based on the research I have done) have - even before getting involved in "same" - a history of family dysfunction and/or trauma.

3. I believe that prevention is KEY - but since we are "so far gone" in "so many ways" - bringing in some professionals (in the area of PTSD / Dissociative Disorders) that know how to deal with dysfunctional family systems, cults and gangs should be a high priority at every level (local to national) of society.

4. Just my opinion... but I see a lot of "the blind leading the blind" around here - and we are going to have to do better than that if we want to find our way up and out of the mess we are in.

Just thoughts. As noted, please view the following videos at your own discretion.

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