Sunday, January 1, 2012

Congratulations Mayor Gallo and Company... 2011 Review... 2012 and Ticking... Happy New Year...

Congratulations to Mayor Shayne Gallo, Alderman-At-Large, James Noble, Majority Leader Tom Hoffay and all of the new members (and re-elected members) of the City Council!  A whole lot of people are counting on YOU!  [Click on the title to this blog entry to view / listen to "Gym Dogs On A Mission..." (Picked primarily for the phrase "Put This City On the Map...")]

Happy New Year:  2012!


Year (2011) in Review:

"2011 in 11 graphs"; "The Washington Post";

"Daryl Cagle's 2011 Year in Review - Slideshows and Picture Stories";;

"This Year in Civil Liberties 2011"; "Blog of Rights"; "Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union";

"Arianna Huffington 2011 The Year the Power Went Off in Washington";

"YEAR IN REVIEW January-to-December recap of 2011's top local stories";

"IVAN LAJARA The awful year in awful review";;

"The 50 Best Moments For Women In 2011";

"The Unwritten Religion Stories of 2011"; "AlterNet";

"Top 2011 Religion Stories That Weren’t  Culture  Religion Dispatches";

"2011's Weather Most Extreme Yet, But the GOP Still in Climate Change Denial"; "AlterNet";

"10 Good Things About a Not So Bad Year"; "AlterNet";

"10 Winning Moments for the 99% in 2011";    "AlterNet";

"5 Companies That Did Something Good for the World This Year  Activism & Vision";   "AlterNet";

"2011 A Year of Non-toxic Tips « MomsRising Blog";

"fbi Violent crime down in 2011"; "US news";;

"Top 11 Crime Stories Of 2011";

"The 10 Most Ridiculous Right-Wing Outrages of 2011"; "AlterNet";

"Homeless Kids in US Number 1.6 Million Study"; "AlterNet";

"Domestic Violence Statistics Prevalence and Trends";;

2012 and Ticking:

"40,000 new laws to go into effect in 2012"; "US news - Life";;

"New laws ban happy hour, regulate fire-breathing"; "Business";;

"2012 Medicare Debate Baby Boomers At Center Of Issue";

"Abstinence-Only Education--It's Baaack for 2012!  AlterNet";

"Election Year 2012 Resolutions"; "League of Women Voters";

"2012 Best Companies to Work for in NYS include Hudson Valley businesses";

"MSN Careers - Résumés in 2012 What's old, what's new"; "Career Advice Article";ésumés-in-2012-Whats-old-whats-new/?SiteId=cbmsnhp42862&sc_extcmp=JS_2862_home1

"The 10 Most Dangerous Meds Driving America's Pill Crisis"; "AlterNet";

"In 2012, Let's Bring Manufacturing Back to the U.S."; "AlterNet";

It should be noted that these are links (some direct) to informative collective articles that I have saved along the way.  I have not read every single one of these articles - and at this moment I do not 100% embrace any one of them.  These article links have been placed here for personal research purposes - and for anyone that might want to do thier own (topical or broad) research.

If any errors are noted, please let me know and I will make the appropriate corrections.  Thank You.

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