Saturday, January 10, 2009

Old Record Albums...

[Photo by NS]

Yesterday my mother dropped off some old albums for me to list (for sale) on site.

The following is just a partial [Most are 33 1/3 RPM] list:

A Series of "Showboat" (78 R.P.M.) Reference Recordings (Old Radio Show) [National Broadcasting Company; 1937]

Gene Autry's Western Classics (Columbia Records; 1947; Set)

"Yes Indeed!" (Name of Album) [RCA Victor Records; Undated]

Don Ho Greatest Hits (Anyone Remember "Tiny Bubbles?" [Reprise Records; Undated)

"Dancing in the Moonlight"; David MacDowell and his Society Orchestra (Audition Records; Undated)

Andy Griffith and Dolores Gray in "Destry Rides Again...." [Original Cast Album] [Decca Records; Undated; 1st World Premier in 1959 (Schubert Theatre)

The Best of Tex Williams; Premier Albums; Undated]

The Wonderful King Family; Columbia Records; Undated]

Tennessee Ernie Ford: "Hymns" [Capitol Records; Signed; Undated]

Skating Time; Ken Griffin... [Columbia Records; Undated]

Bobbi Martin [Remember "Have You Ever Been Lonely?") [Decca Records; 1970]

Roy Clark's Greatest Hits - Volume 1 [ABC Records; 1975]

BlueGrass Banjo Hootenanny (Ed Cassady and the Georgia Corn Stompers) [Coronet Records; Undated]

22 Favorite Waltzes With the Mom and Dads [Remember the "Tennessee Waltz?"] [GNP/ Crescendo; 1976]

"To You Sweetheart, Aloha" (Andy Williams) [Cadence Records; Undated]

Firestone 5 Star Fiesta [Dean Martin; Jackie Gleason; Nat "King" Cole; Kay Starr; Guy Lombardo] [John H. Begley Ass.; Undated]

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