Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tulips from Amsterdam... You Tube... Misc Notes... Updates

Anyone else looking forward to a [Kingston!] City full of Tulips?

["Mantovani plays 'Tulips from Amsterdam'"; as submitted to You Tube by kraustrujillo on


Miscellaneous Notes / Info / Updates:

1. According to a post on the site the Department of Public Works (DPW) is reputedly going to start picking up yard waste (leaves, etc.) around March 15th. Residents are to put the waste out on the curb (regular can labeled "yard waste") on their regular trash pickup day. For additional information and/or confirmation please contact DPW and/or the City of Kingston.

2. The following information was also offered - on behalf of moderators and/or contributors - for the public's interest

a. Link to information regarding "Kingston Digital Corridor":

b. Link to here about some important Kingston issues "on the air":

WAMC, National Public Radio:


From my personal email [as received from Marilyn J. Keefe, Director of Reproductive Health Programs; National Partnership for Women and Families ( )] - Modified [bracketed info and bold print mine] for inclusion here:

"Thousands of you sent messages over the past few months to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expressing your outrage over a harmful regulation issued in the final hours of the Bush Administration that undermines women's access to reproductive health care... President Obama took the first step toward rescinding this unnecessary and dangerous regulation today by publishing a proposed repeal of the rule... But the fight is not over... [If you are interested..] Email HHS (Department of Health & Human Services Attn: Rescission Proposal Comments) to express your support for the full repeal of the 'conscience' regulation...

The 'conscience' regulation reinterprets existing laws to allow nearly any employee in a federally-funded health care setting who claims a religious objection to refuse to provide information, referrals, or access to a range of health care services including birth control... If not repealed, this regulation will dramatically reduce access to family planning information and health services, particularly for low-income women, because it elevates the rights of providers over those of patients... The official period for collecting comments starts today and runs for thirty days..."


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