Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alderman Mike Madsen's Fundraiser... You Tube Videos... Blog Updates.... More

[Photo of Jean Jacobs and 9th Ward Alderman Mike Madsen at the Obama Inauguration Party (Former Muddy Cup / Kingston)]

Three things:

My husband and I attended a fundraiser for 9th Ward Alderman Mike Madsen last night - and we found it to be a classy event with good company, good food and high hopes! Mike is a City Alderman plus - in our opinion - as he reaches out to - and serves the people in the City of Kingston in a number of ways - both Ward specific and (via his blog, his constant pursuit of knowledge, etc) in a larger sense of the word. Our thanks go out to Mike (politics, professionalism, integrity, warmth and kindness can all come together in one package) and to all of those that helped put on this inspiring event!

["Welcome to Congress, YouTube"; as submitted to You Tube by househub on January 11, 2009; ]

Some notable politicians (mostly local) at last night's event were U.C. Comptroller E. Aurerbach (sp?); U.C. Legislature D. Donaldson, U.C. Legislature J. Provenzano, K.C. Alderman T. Hoffay, K.C. Alderwoman S. Whitlock, a former Senatorial candidate (with more to come?)- and a bunch of others (local and statewide) whose names I don't fully know and/or don't trust myself to spell correctly! All in all (Why not come out and get to know some of these people better?) it was a great turnout!

["Ghostbusters Cartoon Intro"; as submitted to You Tube by mikey2455 on October 25, 2006;]

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