Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots to Consider... Torture... Geneva Convention... Your Thoughts... More... You Tube Videos

From 2007:

1. Something You Might Not Have Been Aware Of...

["Mentally Ill Veterans Sent Back To War"; as submitted to You Tube by WCVBtv on November 12, 2007;]

2. Lest we forget... [Graphic / Viewer Discretion Advised]

["cia torture in iraq tv3 nz"; as submitted by riverdean7 on December 13, 2007;]

From 2008:

1. A student's report on the Geneva Convention...

["The Third Geneva Convention"; as submitted to You Tube by flybirdxz on March 16, 2008;]

2. War and PTSD:

["War Veterans Suffer from PTSD"; as submitted to You Tube by NYPost on July 07, 2008;]

3. Moving Along...

["Politics: MSNBC First 100 Days Edition"; as submitted to You Tube by TheNewYorkTimes on April 21, 2009;]

From 2009

Senator Sheldon and Rachel Maddow...

["Sheldon Applauds Obama for Releasing Torture Memos on MSNBCs Rachel Maddow Show"; as submitted to You Tube by SenatorWhitehouse on April 21, 2009;]

2. Your thoughts?

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