Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its a New Day... Let it Be... The Beatles... You Tube Music Video

["The Beatles - Let it be Lyrics"; as submitted to You Tube by rubyhartlove on August 29, 2008;]

I love this song!



little sparrow said...

The same muse must have been visiting me because very early this AM I thought of the same song when a rewording came to mind in regard to how some people react to the things that are going on around us. The word change was “Shout syllables of stupidity, let it seethe." The horrible shootings around the country and that one post to you trying to refute what you said about Tony Alamo exemplify shouting syllables of stupidity, let it seethe. Many other posters to the multitude of local blogs certainly do much shouting and seething; you point out the truth and personify wisdom.
The musical that was staged at the high school when the walkway roof collapsed was “Fiddler on the Roof” and a verse from “To Life” goes as follows:
Our great men have written words of wisdom to be used
When hardship must be faced;
Life obliges us with hardship
So the words of wisdom
shouldn't go to waste.
Paul McCartney got the idea for the song in a dream and his mother’s name was Mary so it was easy for him to say! He might have written the song before the other one but it’s still the sentiment that counts even in the game of giving credit to whomever said it first, second or last.

N.S. said...

little sparrow,

I didn't know that Paul McCartney's mother's name was Mary - which for me, adds an even sweeter sentiment to an already lovely song.

I love musicals - and I've recently been introduced (just starting) to some old musicals - via my mother - which is pretty (I would have laughed at this when I was younger) "cool." [Ever hear of "Destry Rides Again"?

I don't know if I have heard or viewed "Fiddler on the Roof" (I have a lousy memory where some things are concerned) - so I will see if I can find /check out the musical number you are referring to on You Tube.

The increase in violence is alarming... And my PTSD sometimes makes me want to crawl into a "hole" (a stong "fight or flight" reaction that I try to resist!) and hide...

Wisdom... so precious over the years... and so often, sadly, both unheeded and unwelcome!

I think of Helen Reddy's song sometimes, "I am Woman Hear Me Roar" - and that phrase "widom born of pain" - and I wonder, is that the "only" way we "get it?"

Then I think of my son, who says (and demonstrates) that he learned to avoid a whole lot of life's pitfalls and pain through watching, listening and learning from others...

So it IS possible! It really is.

Have a good day,


little sparrow said...

Mary McCartney died when Paul was 14 from breast cancer and she came to him in the dream--to make that clearer--when the group was going through the break up and in the dream she told him to just let it be.