Saturday, May 23, 2009

Honoring Our Troops, Our Heritage, Our Loved Ones and the Beauty That Surrounds Us

[Photo Passed On By My Mother...; Beautiful, Isn't It?]

I had the privilege of spending more time with my mother this past few months - and I have remembered a bunch of "cool" things...

With one result of these contacts being a renewed appreciation of the country --- and the natural beauty (sometimes one has to seek it out) that surrounds us...

I only "just" learned that one of Mom's favorite singers is John Denver - so as we celebrate our troops (both of my brothers served in the U.S. Military) --- let us not forget to honor the parents of our troops (I remember how tough it was on my brothers and my mom...) - as well.

For you Mom [In Memory of Bob (West Point / Germany) and In Honor of (Yo Bro!) Richard (1960s Korea)]

["John Denver - Annie´s Song"; as submitted to You Tube by Isauria on September 14, 2006;]



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