Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama on Health Care Reform... You Tube... Local Health Care Forum Event Announcement

["Obama talks about health care reform and alternative medicine"; as submitted to You Tube by AAAOMNGA on May 21, 2009;]

Upcoming Event / Please Note Date Correction!
Event Name: Creating a Health Care System We Can Be Proud Of

Description: This will be an informal gathering and discussion of President Barack Obamas health care system reform goals. There will be an open discussion of these goals and an opportunity to discuss any problems you have encountered with the current health care system --- along with any ideas you might have regarding a solution. Bring a pot luck or carry-out dish if you can! If the weather is good, we will be outside. If not, we will gather in the house. A microphone will be available for those comfortable with using one. A media invite has been extended. Some local politicians might be in attendence. It should be a GREAT way to spend part of your day!

Date & Time: Saturday, June 6 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Host: Nancy Smith

Location: My home (Kingston, NY)

16 Summer Street
Kingston, NY 12401

Directions: Limited to people in the City of Kingston. Please contact me at if you need specific directions. Thank You.


["Community gardens blossom"; as submitted by ReutersVideo on April 16, 2009;]

I am interested in finding out whether anyone in Ward Five would like to get involved in starting / helping out with a community garden --- and/or knows of a good site for same? I have suggested that along the roadside of the YWCA "might" be a good idea (If the YWCA and others were "on board") - and I would be willing to help out to the degree that I am able.


Thank You,

Nancy Smith


N. Smith said...

Reviewing these posts, I find I made a big "oopsy" here! The community garden idea should say "YMCA" (Ward 5) - not "YMCA" (Uptown/Clinton Avenue)! My apologies!

Maybe that (lol) is why I didn't get any responses?

Perhaps next year?

The YMCA youth rec program participants might enjoy a project such as this - and there seems to be some on-site property that could (along with the general environment) use a little TLC!

It wouldn't even have to be a vegetable garden... The YMCA could order trees (real cheap) from the Arbor Day Foundation (I got ten baby trees for 10 dollars!) and use them as a teaching tool (?!?)

That sounds like a win-win-win-win (a little less mowing - a little more (not overly demanding) landscaping - some learning and some fun for the young folks - to me!


N. Smith said...


I'm going to have to make myself write this like a kid on a chalkboard!

This particular idea (I prefer the tree idea) is for the park at the YMCA - NOT the YWCA (a totally different layout!)

Sorry. I'm going to move this uptop and write it (I hope, I hope!) right!