Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts and Feelings... Memorial Day

Yesterday's Memorial Day Parade was the first parade (I think) that I attended without a bunch of children along - and it was a whole different experience really watching (full focus) the parade. The military tanks, in particular, really struck me (Wow... what machines "they" are!) --- along with some sadness felt for my brothers (one now deceased) --- both of whom entered the service at a very young age and both benefited from the experience --- and suffered (one of my brothers was mugged / assaulted and hospitalized while abroad) --- as a result of it.

I felt a lot of pride yesterday, having gained (through reading, research, talking with others) an understanding (I think...) of the "bigger picture..." --- and though I still qualify as a "peace-nick" of sorts, my respect for our troops --- the sacrifices they make --- the path (oh how difficult) they walk on OUR behalf - is immense.

I hope we see world peace... I hope (for everyone's sake) that the loss of life through warfare becomes a tragedy of the past... I hope...

And I am always and forever learning...

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