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My Health Care Reform Story Submission and Update... Predators and Victims... When is Enough is Enough is Too Much...

My story / commentary - as submitted through the Health Care Kickoff forum ( and updated today. Please read (and think about) the updated items in the bold print...

"I share your three core principles, but ask that you not use Medicare as a "script" for a solution. The folks that I know, on Medicare, including myself, face a confusing number of options, paperwork that is mind boggling, sales pitches that sometimes seem to be less than honest and a number of other issues that come down to "too many hands in the bucket."

If you can't figure "it" out, you can't make good choices - and you can't get to the alleged "carrot" (this appears to be an invisible carrot) of quality, affordable - and ACCESSIBLE - care.

Having once been on Medicaid (not Family Health Plus or any of the other complicated "additives" that surround the once simple Medicaid program) - I found THAT to be a much more affordable and accessible system - and a single-payer system [Think simple!] for all (covering health, dental, vision, mental health, preventative and optional low-cost exercise programs...) would be great.

Other than that, I believe you should take a serious look at where most of the major abuses of the medical system (in terms of monies exploited, fraud, etc) - in terms of WHO the biggest (in terms of cost) "swindlers" are - and go after them! Most of the folks that I know - at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum - are truly just trying (most of them in legitimate ways) to survive.

The health care system is screwed up in a multitude of ways and I surely could tell you a story or two...

For example, how about taking a look at who is labeled crazy and who is labeled sane - who is making these determinations - and based on WHAT? [Lobbyists? Insurance Companies? Max Gross?]

Is it "crazy" for a woman to be afraid to venture out in this society? How do we make it safe for women and children in this society? Etc.

Health care is more than a "policy" (or two million and one policies with all kinds of small print...) after all.

Health care is about feeling safe. Feeling secure. Having the basic factors in place that will lead to positive self-esteem, self-care, self-respect and respect for others.

I could go on and on... But I will stop there...

Do I feel the health care system, as is (in my case, being currently on Medicare) has failed me? YES.

Do I support Obama's core principles for reform? YES.

Do I think single-payer (for all) health care and/or a socialized health care system is the probable answer? ABSOLUTELY.

My thoughts.

Thank you for all you do!

Update (6/09):

I would like to add that I am very upset about the health care situation (as I understand it) on Indian Reservations - and that I am, in fact, very disturbed about the fact (an observation) that convicted felons appear to get better health care than a lot of us that have never committed - nor been convicted of a serious crime!

I would like to refer folks (if appropriate) to one article I "just" (and I do mean "just") came across:

"PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care needs unmet"; Published - Jun 14 2009 09:39PM EDT; MARY CLARE JALONICK; Associated Press;

I quote: "The U.S. has an obligation, based on a 1787 agreement between tribes and the government, to provide American Indians with free health care on reservations. But that promise has not been kept. About one-third more is spent per capita on health care for felons in federal prison, according to 2005 data from the health service."

When do we stop, in this country, giving more benefits (i.e., free health care, dental care, etc.) and privleges (free college education programs, etc.) to predators - whilst blaming, shaming and abandoning (via lack of services, etc) their victims?

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,

NS / United States of America

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