Monday, June 15, 2009

Photos of Hudson River Day... Kingston Point Beach... Childrens Playground

A Series of Photos (by NS) from June 15, 2009 [Kingston Point Beach and Playground; "Hudson River Day" Celebration]

[Kingston Point Beach / Boat Launch Area]

[Kingston Point Beach]

[Children's Slide / Kingston Point Beach (Park)]

[Fun on the Hudson]

[Giant Bug Toy Kingston Point Beach (Park)]

[Sand Piles (The children were having a blast!) / Beach Upkeep... / Beautiful Trees]

["Hudson River Day" / History on the Hudson (Near the Hudson River Maritime Museum)]

["Hudson River Day"; Crowds up on the Bridge...]

["Hudson River Day"; Bumper to Bumper in the Parking Lots...]

["Hudson River Day"; Boat Photo II]

[Kingston Point Beach Bonus; Nice!]

Hudson River Day was very nicely (what I saw of it) done - and the Kingston Point Beach and children's play area are looking very good!

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