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["Shocking Truth Domestic Violence And Insurance Company Policies"; as submitted to You Tube by thevirtueallliberal on September 16, 2009;]

As a follow up to a posting - in relation to Domestic Violence and Women's Health Care Issues (in the sidebar) - I discovered a wealth (overall) of community resource information at "Ulster County New York - Support Services, Resources, Chambers, Health and Human Services - The Community Guide" / TheCommunityGuide.Net /]

On the issue of DV shelters v. Animal shelters - I only had time to look at the situation in Ulster County - and though the following report might prove interesting, it has (admittedly) not been comprehensively (I just don't have the time at the moment) done:

In Ulster County it appears as if the only Domestic Violence Shelter listed (via the resources I tapped into) - as such - is the Family Woodstock (FOW) Domestic Violence Shelter [338-2370, 255-8801, 647-2443].

In contrast [this does not reflect a 20 (Animal Shelters) / 1 (DV Shelters) ratio for Ulster County [a statistic I had heard at a workshop] - but the results do show an interesting and (I think) disturbing (on the DV Shelter end) trend] - the following Ulster County (some independently owned and/or operated; some pertaining only to a certain type of animal) based Animal Shelters are listed:

Ulster County SPCA [ 331-5377]

Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary [ / 679-5955]

Animal Welfare Adoption Network (AWAN)

Diana's Cat Shelter, Accord

Project Cat, Accord (perhaps associated with the above?); and

Second Chance


In reflecting on this, it is probably far easier to set up and operate an Animal shelter (especially home based and/or breed specific) than it is a Domestic Violence shelter...

But, still and all - I sit amongst those that believe there should be at least as many DV shelters in America as there are Animal shelters - and one might even think... MORE?


["Pink- Family Portrait"; as submitted to You Tube by dainelaxx on July 18, 2007;]

At the "New York Domestic Violence Resources - An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection" site [] I found a wealth of information on Statewide Domestic Violence Services - but it still appears as if there are few (relatively speaking, considering the number of organizations reputedly involved in the human services field...) DV shelters (at least explicitly listed as such) to be found.


["October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month"; as submitted to You Tube by KatatMKP on September 29, 2008;]

Which leads me into another issue that I would like to address - involving the lack of community information, education and intervention programs (locally, as I perceive it...) on Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-based disorders [How do these disorders affect the people living in our community? "Our" children? "Our" veterans? How do we break the (very common...) cycles of trauma and addiction - trauma and re-victimization - trauma and its links to other social problems (cycles of poverty, cycles of violence, mental health issues and associated re-victimization / exploitation, high physical and mental health costs, institutionalization, etc.) - when qualified, adequate and sufficient resources and treatments are rarely accessible and/or affordable?


Just some thoughts for today - but very IMPORTANT ones - I think.

Peace, Love, Truth, Equality and Humane Justice,


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