Monday, September 21, 2009

Public Notice - KUBA Meeting Announcement

[Photo by NS]

Public Notice:

I waited until the last moment to formally cancel (via City Hall, the candidates and the Ward 5 and Leg District 6 Debates - but since no-one has stepped forward to take these on - they are formally cancelled (I just made the call) as of today.

Medical issues, tooth issues and personal issues have kept me from fulfilling my own commitment - and I apologize for that. As I understand it, however, there is at least one more chance to meet with Ward Candidates (and perhaps ask some questions) at the September 29th (?) Kingston Uptown Business Alliance (KUBA) meeting. [I believe the topic, or one of the topics, is business and residential tax issues.]

My regrets,

Nancy Smith

Addendum: Jen Fuentes, Ward 5 Alderman Candidate (Working Families) has informed me that she will be attending the KUBA meeting on September 29th - which is apparently (according to Jen / a change in venue?) going to be held at 7-21 Media Center on Broadway at 6PM. [Clarification pending.]

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