Monday, October 26, 2009

Kennetts Gymnastics Monster Mash.. Chips NS, Shrek BS, BJS, KS and Lots of Children... One Zap for the Grant that Wasn't.. Happy Halloween...

Kennetts Gymnastics in Goshen, where my son is head coach, throws one doozy of a "Monster Mash!"

[BS... Coach Extraordinaire... as Shrek...]

[Chips and Super-Duper Kennetts Coach (Love Ya Kid!) BS]

[Chips at Kennetts Gymnastics Monster Mash... (Yo, I'm Not Exactly a Gymnast!)]

[Wow! Over 50 Monsters (and Princesses!) in One Big (Who Does That Bald Head in the Back Belong To?????) Swoop! (BJS did most of the photography - Thank You!)]

[Beautiful costumes! Silly Costumes! Scary Costumes!]

[Coloring (Very Successsfully!) with the Magic Crayon...]

[Aye Pirate! You Are Chock Full of Magic!]

[KS (I Love You Bunches! Happy Birthday)]

[Chips (Foreground) and Shrek (Background) at Kennetts Monster Mash...]

[A Treasure Chest Full of Magic Tricks and Goodies...]

[Chips Makes "Cindy Lou" Dissappear... (Geesh... Can That Girl Run!)]

[Kennetts Monster Mash / Scariest Costume Contest]

[There was Some Absolutely Amazing Creativity Here!]

[Kennetts Monster Mash / Princess Costume Contest]

[Chips at Kennets Gymnastics Monster Mash... (Yo, I'm Not Exactly a Ballerina or a Gymnast!) But I Bet (Smile) You Can't Do This!]

The "Zap" comment is local...

The "Monster Mash" was a blast!


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