Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Favored Local Political Candidates... Good Luck... Personal Views... More...

[Flowers Outside KC Hall Summer 2009]


I've got a lot going on between today and Tuesday, so I'm going to give a "shout out" [which I might add to later...] to some of my favored local political candidates:

[For Ward 5 Alderman: Jen Fuentes [Your energy, commitment and (as I know them) values are inspiring! Best of luck! (Photo from October 2009 Kingston Uptown Residents Alliance - KURA - Meeting)] [Ms. Fuentes, who has a Masters Degree from Cornell University (after having started out from a GED!) is running for Ward 5 Alderman on the Working Families and Democratic Parties Line]

[For U.C. District 6 Legislature: Michael Madsen [You have been a respected friend and KC Alderman for a while now --- and I'm on the same page (this from knowing you and reading your blogs) as you on almost... every (as has been stated) issue. Your energy, commitment and (as I know them) values are likewise inspiring... Best of luck! (Photo from Barack Obama Inauguration Party)] [Michael Madsen is a member of the Democratic Party]

[Photo from Barack Obama Inauguration Party... "Gobbled Up By Giggles"]

For U.C. District 6 Legislature: Jeanette Provenzano [You and I have touched base on some issues very close to my heart - you have always responded to me promptly (Thank you!) - and I know that "our" children (the children in the City of Kingston) have an advocate in you! Best of luck!] [Ms. Provenzano is a Democrat that is also running on the Working Families and Independence Lines / She has served 10 terms, garnering much respect, as County Legislature]

[Photo from KC Waterfront Celebration / "Uncle Willie"]

For U.C. Clerk: Gilda Riccardi [We haven't met - but I think this position is due (challenger, Nina Postupack has been in the position for 30 years..) for a change --- and your (Ms. Riccardi) experience (as I have read about it) is impressive! Good luck!]

[Photo from DARE Presentation at Miller School]

For U.C. Court Judge: Current (via appointment by Governor Paterson) UC Court Judge Deborah Schneer [My views - on most of the topics I've heard you discuss (and/or read about) are pretty much on the same wavelength as yours(Most of my picks share the same commitment to social justice... We met briefly at the local Domestic Violence Awareness event... Best of luck!)] [Endorsed by the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party / Link to Website:]

For State Supreme Court Judge District 3: James Gilpatric - whom I know personally and via his formal law practice - and know to be a highly competent, compassionate and fair man. Mr. Gilpatric has an impressive education and employment history, including his service as Kingston City Court Judge, the UC Drug Treatment Court Judge and more!] [Photo from UC Domestic Violence Awareness Event; Mr. Gilpatric is endorsed on Conservative, Democratic and Independence lines]


All of that said...

Let us not forget that there will be two New York (statewide) propositions in the ballot box, as well --- one of which is very pertinent / important to Kingstonians. This particular proposition (I am not going to cover the other, but feel free to look it up) "asks voters to authorize the Legislature to let prisoners do work for not-for-profit agencies" [From "Election 2009... VOTE"; Supplement to the Thursday edition of the "Daily Freeman", 10/29/09; p 14 (Bottom)--- Under "State Propositions"]

I am personally NOT on board with this as I understand it. I "might" [later] be open to a modified version [with some very intricate specifics written in...] where this proposed inmate work (be it for not-for-profits or whomever...) was to be performed within the context of the jail - or in a confined place set up specifically for "same." However, I would think, even then, that those that work - in any capacity (including volunteers) for not-for-profits or any legitimate enterprise (particularly in the child care field, human services field, etc.) should be of the highest caliber (certainly NOT any violent felons!) --- with training and/or education in whatever field the not-for-profit (or other organization) represents.

A couple of old sayings (for me) come into play here:

1. Do we really want the "blind leading the blind?" [There appears to be too much of this going on already...]; and...

2. "Two sickies [no offense; but having good ethics, healthy boundaries and serving as a "power of example" are (I believe) one of the highest priorities when it comes to working with or around our children, our elderly, our needy, our homes...) do not a 'welly' (the stated goal, more or less, of many not-for-profits...)] make."


[All of that said... Let us not forget that we are nearing the end of Domestic Violence Awareness Month... but the problem (I hope all candidates will keep this in mind...) is still [along with all of the economic issues...] there!(Photo of UC Domestic Violence Awareness Event)]


Let us not forget What Matters Most............!

[Photo from 2009 Fall Festival at Forsyth Park]

Truth, Love, Peace, Equality and Humane Justice,


[For more information on the candidates noted above (as well as some photos and/or information on some of the other candidates) please scroll down and/or check out the Blog links / other links in the sidebar]


Anonymous said...

I am honored to have your support! Thanks so very much.
In Unity
Jen Fuentes

N. S. said...

Go for it!

I'm honored to have you post on my blog!

Best of luck!