Friday, November 6, 2009

Local Photos... Meeting Notes Pending... Louis Armstrong... Cher... You Tube Videos

As promised - Some Fall foilage photos; some photos of some houses around town (City of Kingston) impressively decorated for Fall and/or Halloween, some Halloween FUN photos and more...

Notes and Photos from a meeting I attended yesterday morning [hosted by Elliot Auerbach, the Attorney Generals Office and the Chamber of Commerce) --- and of last nights public meeting (City Hall) on the proposed 2010 Mayoral budget (City of Kingston) are pending...

[Beautiful isn't it????? Photo by NS]

[Another beauty right next door! Photo by NS]

[A lot of work went into this! Wow. Thank You. Photo by NS]

[Backstage Studio Productions Background Photo (This place has (in my opinion) been good to and good for K-NY!; Photo by NS]

[Another beautiful photo... City of Kingston; Photo by NS]

[BS dressed up as Boy George / singing Karaoke...; Hey! We're getting pretty good at this! Want to hire a couple singers / performers - some Karaoke fun for your upcoming event?????; Photo by NS]

["Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World"; as submitted to You Tube by Geneticc on October 22, 2006;]

[NS dressed as Cher / singing Karaoke...; We do lots of other folks as well --- and BS does an AWESOME ("What a Wonderful World") Louis Armstrong!; Photo by BS]

["Cher-Different Kind Of Love Song"; as submitted to You Tube by HeartbreakersAlibi on July 09, 2007;]

[Nice Homey Autumn Photo; KC-NY; Photo by NS]

[A lot of effort went into this, as well (Wow); Thank You!; Photo by NS]

[A personal favorite! Thank you!; Photo by NS]

[Baby Tree Nesting for Winter; Photo by NS]

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