Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Unofficial Early Reports on the Local Elections

[Photo by NS]

Kingston City Ward (Alderman Position) Winners [Unofficial --- These Numbers / Winners are Potentially Subject to Change...] as of This Evening [10:16PM, Nov. 3, 2009]:

Ward 1: Andi Turco-Levin [Photo (Sorry, I tried to get the blur out!) from Last KURA Meeting]: 375 Votes Versus 333 Votes for Katie Scott-Childress [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward II: Thomas Hoffay [Photo (modified) from last KURA Meeting]: 262 Votes Versus 192 Votes for Jonathan Hoyt [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward III: Charles O. Landi [No Photo Available]: 449 Votes / Uncontested] [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward IV: Shirley Whitlock [No Photo Currently Available]: 164 Votes Versus 124 Votes for Jeanne Edwards [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward 5: Jen Fuentes [Photo (Slightly Modified) from Last KURA Meeting]: 269 Votes Versus 225 Votes for Richard T. Cahill, Sr. [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward 6: Ron Polacco: 438 Votes Versus 396 Votes for Elisa M. Ball [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward 7: William P. Reynolds: 418 Votes Versus 375 Votes for Michael Gill [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward 8: Robert L. Senor: 270 Votes Versus 182 Votes for Todd Langon [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Ward 9: Clement Hayes: 416 Votes Versus 210 Votes for Deborah Brown [http://electionulstercountyny.go/cityhtml]

Legislative District 6 Winners (numbers / winners unofficial - potentially subject to change) as of 10:16PM This Evening (Nov. 3, 2009):

Jeanette M. Provenzano [No Photo Available]: 1705 Votes [City of Kingston] Versus 1072 Votes for Michael Madsen (Looking Like the 2nd Winner!); 789 Votes for Frank Dart; 613 Votes for Marvin Schildhorn; 555 Votes for Ellen Difalco; and 233 Votes for Lauren P Carpinelli [http://election.ulstercountyny.gov/elect16.html]

Michael Madsen [Photo from 2009 Commission Meeting]: 1072 Votes [Looks Like the Winner of the 2nd Leg. District 6 Seat!] - City of Kingston - Versus 789 Votes for Frank Dart; 613 Votes for Marvin Schildhorn; 555 Votes for Ellen DiFalco; and 233 Votes for Lauren P Carpinelli [http://election.ulstercountyny.gov/elect16.html]

Other Races [as of 10:16PM Nov 3, 2009 / Potentially Subject to Change]:

County Clerk: Nina Postupack: 24065 Votes Versus 14446 Votes for Gilda Riccardi[http://electionulstercountynygov/electionleg.html]

County Court Judge: Donald A. Williams 23903 Votes Versus 16288 Votes for Deborah S. Schneer[http://electionulstercountynygov/electionleg.html]

NYS Supreme Court Justice Race:

NY State Supreme Court Justice: James Gilpatrick [Photo (slightly modified) from UC Domestic Violence Awareness Event] - 24670 Votes Versus 12207 Votes for Jill Dunn [as of 10:16PM / potentially subject to change] http://www.ulstercountyny.gov/electnys.html]


In the Town of Ulster it appears as if James Quigley III [2307 Votes] has [according to preliminary numbers (10:39PM) / subject to possible change] defeated Nicky B. Woerner [1238 Votes] for the position of Town Supervisor [http://election.ulstercountyny.gov/electown.html]


Note 1: All Numbers [I've left out the proposition results, as I'm not clear on these...) are potentially subject to change.

Note 2. Congratulations to the winners!

Note 3: Thank You to Everyone that Put Their Name, Time and Effort into the "Hat."

Note 4: If your photo isn't posted and you would like one to be - please email me one at wingedbirdinflight@live.com

And Remember (I'm in love with this quote / initial source unknown):

"If you stumble make it part of the dance..."

["Dance Troop" Photo (by NS) from Kingston Waterfront Independence Day Celebration 2009]

Peace, Love, Hope, Equality, Honesty, Clarity, Accountability and Humane Justice,


Coming Soon: Photos of some beautiful local fall foilage, local houses decorated for Halloween (and/or Fall) - and some photos from local Halloween Events...


[Baby Tree Nesting for Winter; Photo by NS]

[BS as "Boy George" at Backstage Studio Productions; Photo by NS]

[Scarecrows in Love...; K-NY Photo 2009; Photo by NS]

[Beautiful Tree and Foilage, K-NY, Fall 2009; Photo by NS]

["Yousa!"; K-NY Home Decorated for Halloween 2009; Photo by NS]

[Big Band Music / Costume Contest / Backstage Studio Productions; Oct 30, 2009; Photo by NS]

[Backstage Studio Productions Backdrop Photo Oct 30 2009 Halloween Party (Lots of Awesome Artwork on these Walls!); Photo by NS]

[The "Eyes" Have It!; K-NY Photo House Decorated for Halloween 2009; Photo by NS]

[Who was it that said, "Scarey, scarey, boys and girls..."; K-NY House Decorated for Halloween; Photo by NS]

[NS (Yours Truly) as Cher at Fosters Halloween / Karaoke Party; Photo by BS]

[Ok, Ok... I get a little carried away with this stuff... :)

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