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Is This a Bad Joke... Why I Feel Like Puking... Fair Elections NOW... You Tube Video

Presedent of the United States of America
Barack Obama

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"I'm biting my nails waiting for the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which could come down as early as Tuesday. At issue: whether corporations, as 'unnatural persons,' can make contributions to political campaigns.

The outcome is foregone: the five GOP appointees to the court are expected to use the case to junk federal laws that now bar corporations from stuffing campaign coffers...

And if so, our future elections, while nominally a contest between Republicans and Democrats, may in fact come down to a three-way battle between China, Saudi Arabia and Goldman Sachs."

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Source:  "Rights and Liberties"; "Supreme Court's Ruling Would Allow Bin Laden to Donate to Sarah Palin's Presidential Campaign"; Greg Palast, AlterNet; December 11, 2009;


From one of the books I wrote:

"What is good?

What is evil?

Can you tell me?"


Doesn't anyone is charge of this country have a conscience and some [excuse me] "balls"?


If Bush Jr. could issue Executive orders in violation [my opinion] of the "US Constitution" ---

Why can't Obama issue some Executive orders [reinstating the "separation of church and state"; reinstating our basic rights and liberties (in general); mandating free ("by the people and for the people") elections; doing away with the "electoral college"; holding the Bush Jr. Administration accountable for the crimes that they (my opinion / allegedly) committed and/or covered up...] in order to restore and save the US Constitution?


This parody of law and order
is enough
to make


["Highlights from Panel on Fair Elections Now Act featuring Sen. Durbin and Rep. Larson"; as submitted to You Tube by publicampaign on
December 09, 2009;]

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