Monday, December 14, 2009

Unofficial Public Hearing and Planning Board Meeting Note... Focus on "Save Them Now" Variance Proposal

Kingston City Hall Side View / Victory Garden
Photo by NS

Tonight's Public Hearing and Planning Board meeting at Kingston City Hall - regarding (amongst other things) the "Save Them Now" proposal for a variance, which would allow the organization (apparently another not-for-profit that would pay to lease the building?) to set up a prison release (and/or former inmate) residence and services facility in MidTown Kingston, was thankfully well-attended by individuals, citizens, business owners and taxpayers who had a lot of good reasons [including a petition, letters, documentation and personal stories] as to why this variance should NOT go through.



Thank you!

And even though my Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD) is flaring - I said my piece [this advocacy stuff rips me apart physically and emotionally sometimes...] anyway.  So I will give myself a "kudos", as well; even though I got a little over-emotional --- and a little too loud [I apologized....] at one point.

I'll write more on this - and hopefully have some photos to put up - tomorrow.  [Don't forget the City Council Meeting tomorrow night!]

For now, it should be noted that only one person at the Public Hearing [Alderman Tom Hoffay] spoke in [tenatative?] favor [based on the utilization of a currently unutilized building] of granting the variance; whereas approximately ten people [Including Alderman Charles Landi, Alderman Shirley Whitlock and former Alderman Mary Ann Parker] spoke out --- very strongly --- against granting the variance.



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