Friday, January 1, 2010

"Community Jobs Forum"... President Obama on the Economy / Jobs... You Tube Videos... Forum Invite and Prep

Parts One and Two of President Obama's 2009 Allentown, Pennsylvania Speech [as covered by C-Span and submitted to You Tube by StartLoving2] ] on Jobs and the Economy:

["Pr. Obama in Allentown (1) on Jobs, Economy, Unemployment"; as submitted to You Tube by StartLoving2 on December 04, 2009; ]

["Pr. Obama in Allentown (2) on Jobs, Economy, Unemployment"; as submitted to You Tube by StartLoving2 on December 04, 2009;]

This is recommended viewing (Question number one is related to this) for those that have signed up for tomorrows local "Community Jobs Forum."

How can you relate to the issues brought up in these videos? 

What do you see as our communities [City of Kingston] obsticles to employment?

What do you see as potentialities?  Our community assets?

I know that when I first lived in Kingston - in late 1979 and/or the early 1980s [I was employed then in the manufacturing sector] --- Rotron [Shokan / Woodstock / Saugerties] was thriving --- IBM [Kingston / Poughkeepsie...] was holding strong --- Micronetics [a factory formerly located in Kingston] was hiring - Huck [another factory] was apparently holding strong - Canfields [another factory / I don't know where they stand now...] was apparently doing "okay" --- and there were a number of other businesses, some of which [i.e., Colony Liquer and some of the larger chain-stores at the Kingston Plaza] were apparently (at least for a time) doing well... [Colony Liquer has left the City at this point - and the lifespan of the larger chain stores [i.e., Jamesway, Ben and Jerrys (sp?), etc.] seem to be short lived].

I also know, from my job-hunting excursions, that although there are signs up in a number of local [City of Kingston and Town of Ulster] stores that claim they are hiring... this does not really (at least in some instances) appear to be [why no calls or follow-up at all?] the case...

Which might mean that they are holding off on same [collecting applications....] - and utilizing [for now] overtime (for their current employees) instead - which "could" explain some of the lousy / grouchy service one (in at least some instances) runs into around here...

Which does not bode well for our community [Service with a smile?] either...


I have a lot of thoughts about the employment (or lack of employment) issues in our community...  and I'm sure you do as well.

So please take the time to watch the videos --- give this material [This may well be my last venture in the world of political activism around here...] some thought --- and join me at the Ulster Avenue Dunkin Donuts - noon tomorrow - if you want to be included [last minute signups at are a-okay] in the local "Community Jobs" forum.

[It is also okay to just show up - but I will need to get your contact info]

Thank You,


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Anonymous said...


I sent out between 35 and 50 invitations to this event - primarily to folks that I know are politically and/or otherwise active (in the community) in one way or another...

I had three official signups...

And all three (with good reason?) were no-shows...

So it was my husband, myself and a very nice City of Kingston gentleman (Ward 1) - whom we met at Dunkin Donuts - that participated...

With six to eight others - that were asked on site [at Dunkin Donuts /I figured it was worth asking...] - basically laughing [in a "what's the use?" sort of manner] at the [jobs in the City of Kingston???] idea. [One of these men stated (in effect...) that I wouldn't "want" to hear what he had to say...]

What does all of this - just this - standing alone - "say" about our City?

Is apathy an understatement?

Is there any reason (I'm calling on all takers...) to believe that the employment situation - the economy around here - has "any" hope [are there glimmers anywhere?] of getting better?

I'll post the questions here later on - along with a meeting [three viewpoints are better than none...] synopsis.

But one word appears to pretty much cover it...