Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serious Crime Rates Increase - City of Kingston

Photo [by NS] taken in Feb 2009

According to an article in today's [1/10/2010; pp. A1 and A8] "Sunday Freeman" ["Kingston Crime Rate Jumps..."; Paul Kirby] --- based on a report from the City of Kingston Police Department, the following changes [picking out what appears to be most pertinent] have occurred - in regard to the rate of "serious crimes" in the City of Kingston - since [within a two-year time span...] 2008:

1.  The number of "burglaries" increased by over five percent.
2.  The number of "motor vehicle thefts" increased by over 36 percent.
3.  The number of "robberies" increased by nearly 44 percent.
4.  The number of "assaults" increased by nearly 60 percent.

[Bold emphasis mine]

So, although I would love to join the folks that are pumping out the positives about our City [which does have its merits...] --- you might have to wait until next year, or the year after, or the year after... for "that."


Online link to article:  "'Crime rate jumps in Kingston - The Daily Freeman News Serving the Hudson Valley since 1871 (";


Anonymous said...

Is there any way they could determine whether political corruption is on the rise and by what percentage?...smitty

NS said...

I surely wish there was - and maybe there will be at some point in the future.

My guess though - is that the rate of political corruption - due to the open government laws - and never quite knowing who is going to be investigated [by whom - or when] --- is likely to go down.

After all, if parahnas get hungry enough, they will most likely start to knaw upon each other...

Which should be - as those stories start to come out - quite the "show" indeed...