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Studies on the Abuse of Youth in Correctional Facilities... Thoughts... Input? You Tube Video

["Cruelty and Death in Juvenile Detention Centers"; as submitted to You Tube by ChelsMarie1111;  December 07, 2008;]

On page B2 of today's [1/8/2010] "Daily Freeman", there is an Associated Press article titled "Report:  Sex abuse high at juvenile centers."

According to this report, based on a recently released government study, in thirteen different juvenile detention and/or correction centers, approximately 1/3 of the incarcerated youth "reported" suffering some form of sexual abuse and/or "victimization" - as perpetrated by staff and/or other youth.

Whereas, on the national level, a recently released Justice Department study found that approximately 12 percent of institutionalized youth [state-run, private and/or local correctional facilities] "reported" suffering some form of sexual abuse, as perpetrated by staff and/or other youth.

All of which would seem to beg the questions:  "What is better...  an abusive family system or an abusive institutional system?" 

Or, better yet, "What the He** is going on?????"

Aren't the staff in such places being screened to the max for prior abuse and/or criminal histories?  Aren't the youth in these facilities getting the supervision they should be?  Has our youth correctional system been covertly [through neglect, cover-up or collusion] allowing this sort of activity to go on?

We have mandated reporters - in regard to child abuse - and that is good.  But if a troubled child gets sent to a facility [whether it is a a temporary shelter, a foster home and/or a correctional facility] - does this "mandate" suddenly [inside of the institution] somehow "disappear?" 

If not, how could these stats climb so high?????

Approximately one out of three... 

Approximately 12 out of 100

Pretty bad, I'd say...

Even more so when one factors in the fact that a lot of youth - according to a number of studies - never speak up about being abused...

And even those that aren't directly abused [this, according to studies related to abuse in the home...] are quite likely - at some level - to know something is going on - and live in chronic fear of it happening to them.  [In an institution a youth in such circumstances might adopt a "tough guy" and/or "crazy" persona - and/or join a gang - in an attempt [quite likely self-defeating in other ways] to stay safe...

Why do youth get sent to correctional facilities?

Chronic truancy.  Petty theft.  Shoplifting.  More serious crimes.  Reasons as noted in the video above...

What do these youth leave "correctional facilities" [especially those that have suffered traumatic abuse within the institution] with?

I've often pondered the dilemma that is presented to the caring person and/or mandated reporter when it comes to abuse issues - because, although these are apparently the latest studies - and just address correctional facilities - this sort of abuse scenerio has been noted as a problem in youth facilities - of all types [including some foster homes] - many a time.

Making one wonder how much incentive there is [generally speaking] for those that are aware of these tragic stats - to report suspected abuse [neglect and or abuse is often a factor for acting out youth already...] - when one fears that the same youth one is trying to get "help" for [if abuse is indeed discovered] might well be sent to live in an abusive institution and/or to an institution that covertly - whether intentional or no - harbors abusers?

Any thoughts on this? 


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