Friday, January 22, 2010

Campaign Reform... Playdough Monsters... Thank You to My Readers... Signing Off... Maybe I'll Return in the Future

["High court overhauls campaign financing"; as submitted to You Tube by WOODTV8 on January 21, 2010;]

Opinion Piece:

Perhaps the fact that corporations can now buy politicians in a forthright manner is (as "whacky" as this might sound) a "good" thing ("good" having about as much value as the American dollar right about now...) --- since not-for-profits, special interest groups and corporations appear to have been (in any number of cases) overtly and / or covertly doing so (i.e., buying politicians...) for quite some time, anyhow - and this latest "new rule" [in Bill Maher (sp?) speak] - simply tells "us" (in a more forthright manner) that what the people want (in terms of representation, laws, rules, etc) doesn't really mean (This is not a Democracy...) shi*.




A matter of "acceptance?" --- in that it "is what it is" and "will be what it will be"?

I've been known to state that ours is a covert [hidden behind curtains one, two and three...] "caste system..."

Is "this latest" even uglier than that?

What is mightier - The dollar? The Bible (and/or other religious texts?)? A semi-automatic rifle? Or a baby tree that survives one of our mountain winters - and comes to full fruit in the Spring?

"Thou shalt not kill"...

The body?

The mind?

The spirit?

"Thou shalt not steal"...

Unless one is speaking of corporate political and financial rape?

"Thou shalt not..."

Speak the truth?

Speak at all?


Point two fingers out and three point back?

I guess.

Corporations have no God but the "God of Mammon" (money, riches, property, expansion...) --- so I guess it is fair to say who and/or what is going to be running this entire show (to which our representatives and political appointees bought the ticket) from now on...


For sure.

It's back to art, poems and gardening [the world of politics has literally and figuratively made me sick...] for me.


BTW, for those that might not know it, a person generally (there are exceptions) has a head, a body, two arms, two legs, eyes, a mouth, etc...

Which a corporation ["freedom of speech" --- my as*] does NOT.

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