Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kingston Area Public Access... Thank You Mercedez (sp?) Ross

I heard Phil Cosme read a resignation letter from Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) Chairperson Mercedez (sp?) Ross on his KAPA show the other night - and I want to give M a shout out for no doubt working her A off - most likely investing a whole lot of time and even some of her own money - only to find out - in the end [I hope she corrects me if I'm wrong...] - that there were were and are too many walls [talk about "doublebinds") in place for any real progress (re KAPA) to occur - and that all she got for her efforts was megastress....

Which is exactly what happened (along with some other issues and unresolved questions...) when my husband (who ended up resigning as well) was the Chairperson of KAPA.

M - if you read this - I remember your enthusiasm when you came onto the KAPA "team" - and I know some additional progress WAS (against tremendous odds) made.

Thank you for all you did and tried to do.

Some of us know what a nightmare it "can" (not all the time, but organizationally...) it can be.

If you want to share here some of what you faced as KAPA Chair, you have at least four sympathetic ears here...

Peace and Best Wishes!


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