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Historical Landmark List.. Kings Inn... TransArt... Kirkland... Questions... Links... Pondering...

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If anyone else is as befuddled as I am about some of the places that are reputedly on the Historical Landmark list [i.e., the Kings Inn (?) and the building that is to house the TransArt center] here are some links that I admittedly haven't had a chance to take a close look at yet...

There has been a dialogue on the Ward 5 site about the TransArt project for those that are interested; and although my perspective might not be popular, I do think I pose some valid questions --- and I do appreciate the feedback I've gotten thus far!

I'm just a citizen / homeowner / taxpayer... nothing more and nothing less...  but I do believe in asking some tough questions now and then...  particularly with the financial situation [City, County, State, Country...] being what it is.

I once went on a retreat where one of the repeated slogans was "if nothing changes, nothing changes..."

Applicable here?

Whatever the case, here are the links:

"National Historic Landmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia":

"National Register of Historical Places":

National Register of Historical Places - NEW YORK (NY), Ulster County:


Postscript:  I haven't identified either the Kings Inn or the TransArt building project on this list [I could be missing these...  Is there another list?] --- But I did find the following interesting, and I'm wondering how up-to-date and accurate the listings are (?):

Copied and pasted from last site noted above: 

"Kirkland Hotel (added 2002 - Building - #02001323)

2 Main St., Kingston

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering

Architectural Style: Italianate

Area of Significance: Architecture

Period of Significance: 1875-1899

Owner: Private

Historic Function: Domestic

Historic Sub-function: Hotel

Current Function: Vacant/Not In Use"



Who exactly is the "private" owner of the Kirkland?

Is the Kirkland currently (this is not what I've heard) "Vacant/Not in Use" (?)


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