Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lawn Sale Update / Change... National Partnership for Women and Families... Campaign for Better Care... Links

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The lawn sale was pretty much a bust - and will only be on for a couple of hours [Noon-2PM] tomorrow.  It was however - GREAT - to meet and talk with Rebecca Martin.  Absolutely.  And spending time with Mom, my children and some of my grandchildren made it all worthwhile, as well.

Tomorrow only the plants will be out - so if you are interested in something else that I've listed here - please (if you choose to come) inquire.

Other than that, a You Tube video (sorry; about a year old) and a couple of pertinent links:

[ "National Partnership for Women & Families": ]

"National Partnership for Women and Families Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words":

"Campaign for Better Care":

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