Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Re: Kingston Neighborhood Watch Update at Last Night's Kingston City Council Meeting

KNW Mascot?

Mike D'Arcy, of the Kingston Neigborhood Watch (KNW) [The first meeting was on April 13th, 2010], came across clear and assertive (during the open speaking session) at last night's
Kingston City Council meeting. 

Mr. D'Arcy (These are not direct quotes /and some of my own thoughts / inserts have slipped in....) stated:

A)  that the 2nd KNW meeting (May 18) went well [He thanked Alderman Hoffay, Alderman Fuentes, Alderman Turco-Levin and Alderman Clement for attending.]

B) that the 1st KNW neighborhood walk (May 27th) went well.

C) that a 3rd KNW meeting is planned for this coming Sunday morning (10:30 AM) at the Academy Green Park [See the KNW site for more information, to sign up and/or for meeting details] - and that the KNW will continue the process of people getting to know each other, their Block Stewards, Ward Stewards, etc.

D) that new Neighborhood Watch community walks (The last was noted as "successful.") are [This will also be discussed at the upcoming meeting.] in the offing

E) that he doesn't see a need for more youth programming in the City; but instead, perceives a need for an evaluation (or "audit") of the youth programs that are already in place [Are these working?  If not, why not?]

F) that he is upgrading his own skills via taking a "Citizens Police Academy course" --- and via continued communications with community members and City authorities;

G) that he is concerned about a lack of participation by the people in Ward 8 --- and would appreciate it if Ward 8 Alderman Bob Senor would return his calls

H) that he (Mr. D'Arcy) was in communication with the FBI in the hopes of bringing gang awareness seminars (The right word?) into Kingston High School and/or [This would be good too!] the community at large.

I) that he would really like to see the Mayor participate in the KNW and walks (as the Poughkeepsie Mayor has done...); and...

J).  that he would give monthly KNW updates at upcoming Kingston City Council meetings.

Mr. D'Arcy stated that he heard one person state to a child - whilst in the midst of the last Neighborhood Watch walk - "not to worry, this is a good thing."  Some whistles (for safety purposes) were reputedly given out enroute.


To wrap this up:

1.  The next KNW meeting [see the KNW site (direct link in sidebar...) for details] is this Sunday, June 13th, 10:30AM - at the Academy Green Park - 238 Clinton Avenue.

2.  The KNW is also going to be involved [in conjunction with the Everett Hodge Midtown Community Center, community volunteers, etc.] in the midtown "Midtown Make a Difference Day" on June 19 [11AM - 4PM - Franklin Street]

3.  Something new - and potentially very important - is happening in KNY.  Why not (Citzens have been voicing safety concerns for a long time...) be a part of it ?

Generally speaking, the more people that get involved in the KNW --- the safer it will be for the founders (Mr and Ms D'Arcy); the active participants; and the residents (Including our children!) of the City of Kingston.

[I took notes at this meeting - and looked up various dates, etc. - but if I heard or recorded anything in error - or if there is something you would like to add - let me know!  Corrections will be made as necessary]


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