Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ward 5 Meeting Notes... Citizen blogger... Important Updates...

Alderman Jen Fuentes did such a great job providing Ward 5 meeting notes [via Ward 5 group...] last month that I hesitated [this month] to post any here. 

Instead - in case Jen is busy - I will do a brief writeup here [since I'm a compulsive notetaker...] - and keep an eye on Ward 5 group - in case I missed anything Jen has to add.

I personally thought it was a great meeting - and I would encourage other Ward 5 residents to come to these meetings! 

Jen gave an update on some City Council considerations and decisions; stated that she had been made the Chairperson of a group that is going to look into ways in which City health care / benefit costs might be reduced [even though current union contracts won't expire until 2012]; and pulled together a committee to pursue the Ward 5 block party idea [I'm on board...] that I suggested, complete with [if we can pull together around $500] a "Mr. Bouncy" and some other fun family things! 

Are you [Ward 5 residents...] interested in being involved / having a say in the latter?  Please let Jen know --- and/or feel free to post thoughts and ideas here!  The YMCA park was a suggested location --- but that needs to be checked into... permission granted... etc... so stay tuned!  Thus far, we are looking at a potential August date.

Other than that, Mike D'Arcy was present and noted that Ward 5 does not - as of yet - have a Kingston Neighborhood Watch "Block Steward" and/or "Ward Steward" [I think we lack both... but I'm not 100% positive!] 

So please give this [these positions] some consideration --- and [if possible] attend tomorrow's Kingston Neigborhood Watch "Sunday Meeting in the Park!"  [10:30AM / Academy Green / 238 Clinton Ave (See the KNW site for more details.)]  [I don't know if I can make this meeting - or if it is apt to be cancelled due to thunderstorms or heavy rain (?)  [I think it might be a good idea (considering the forecast) to take an umbrella!]

Other than that, Attorney Shane Gallo was present to give an update on Elizabeth (sp?) Manor, the "Nuisance Law" and the process being followed to address complaints.

I am not going to write that up here, however [I don't have the specifics down well enough...] --- except to say that some recommendations [regarding Elizabeth Manor] have been made - and that the part of the situation that most disturbs me - is Elizabeth Manors [a boarding house that apparently houses (amongst others) individuals that are fresh out of and/or involved in the Corrections system] proximity to George Washington School. 

It was noted that college dorms have reasonable rules - and even motels / hotels have rules...

Why not [I'm talking about basics, like evictions due to disorderly conduct, drug use, arrests, etc.] boarding houses?

The story there continues to unfold... with Jen pegged to look into a few things, as well.

Also discussed was the "Block by Block" program (Correct wording?) - some problems [i.e., absentee landlord issues...] and some [Overall, this seems to be going well.] successes...

I believethe process, if one gets a violation [code violations] --- goes like this:

1.  You receive both a violation and an "order of remedy."

2.  You have 2 weeks to resolve the issue without penalty.

3.  Then, if the issue is not resolved - another violation will be filed [this one attached to a $150 fine...]

4.  And so forth...

If violations are not resolved in a timely manner, court proceedings will ensue and the situation - left chronically unresolved - could become [Quick, fix it!] quite costly.

If I recorded "any" of that wrong - please correct me!

I am not a professional.  I am simply [I consider this innovative and intrinsically motivated volunteer work.] a citizen blogger.

Thank you Alderman Fuentes, Mr. D'Arcy, Mr. Gallo and all other attendees!

This [the Ward meetings] is new territory for Ward 5 --- and very welcome! 

Please know that your taking time out of your busy schedules for this purpose is very much appreciated!

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