Sunday, September 26, 2010

Posted for Bob's Buddies... The Smith Family [plus some...] is Represented Here : )

This is a photo collage of my younger son's two boys that was made by S.R.

The theme, "Brothers Forever" seems to fit you guys too!

Bobs Daughter on Right

My Oldest Son and His Daughter 

Me and My Adult Children

My Other Son's Oldest Children

Me, My Daughter and Her Children

My Oldest Son on Left / Bob's Son on Right

My Other Son and His Fiance

One of My Son's Fiance's Children

My Daughter and Her Partner

Me as Chips the Clown

Safari Night at Karaoke

Bob as the Almighty Wizard : )

My Younger Son's Fiance's Other Children

My Younger Son's Youngest Child and One of My Daughters Children

Keeping It Silly!


Pat said...

Awesome pictures, but they need some of Bob not in costume. Is that him/you-Bob in the karaoke photo, wearing shorts?

We CRAVE the Bob! More Bob! More Bob! More Bob! -- Pat D. in Houston

NS said...

I rarely post family photos on here... but okeedokee :)

A lot of Bob's digital photos happen to be Karaoke photos and/or at political events.

I'll see what I can come up with... and have more if I ever figure out the scanner.

I'm glad he connected with you guys. He is really thrilled : )

My best to all of you!

NS said...

Oh yeah - that is Bob in the shorts at karaoke - and me. We have a really good time singing!