Friday, November 19, 2010

Freethought of the Day... Paycheck Fairness Act... Bristol Palen... Equal Opportunity... NOT

Photo of an Old "Jack and the Beanstalk" Book Cover / Photo by NS

"Freethought of the Day":

"I was reading the Bible--some of us still do that, you know--and I saw the tale of Jacob and his wives and handmaids, a kind of early Baby M. This is not an attack on Christianity, but the fact is Christians have long persecuted other sects and each other, as they are in Northern Ireland today. People were saying things like, 'A woman's place is in the home.' And I got to thinking, well, how would someone enforce thoughts like that?”

— Margaret Atwood on writing "The Handmaid's Tale", Interview; "New York Times"; 4/14/1990


"Filibuster Kills Fair Pay... For Now"

"Yesterday, fair pay fell victim to the filibuster, as a minority of Senators blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act and denied the nation badly needed remedies for the discriminatory pay practices that plague our workplaces. The vote was a deep and painful disappointment. Afterward, President Obama met with fair pay advocates, including the National Partnership’s Portia Wu. And his sentiment was shared by all: This isn’t the end of the battle — and we’re more determined than ever to achieve fair pay for women..."


Photo from "Midtown Make A Difference Day" / 2009 / Photo by NS

Equal Opportunity?

[ "Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars"; as submitted to You Tube by Devin5Ap; ] 

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